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Well, sad moments are an inevitable part of our lives whether we like it or not. We can't stay happy every hour of every day. Happiness is something that is transitory. It comes as specific moments and not as something regular, and, namely, these instants are what we aspire to chase. So, amongst our happiness there is sadness. It can be a result of many things, such as death of a family member or a friend, which is such a hard period of time when we're not in a mood to glow and smile.

So, how can you take all that sadness away? It depends on how deep the sorrow is, but sending flowers can warm up the atmosphere a little bit. If you have to confront the worst case, that is, when someone has to cope with the loss of a deeply loved person, and you don't know how to react and what to do first, order flowers from Send Flowers. We can tell you that this is the custom, and that it's a tradition to send or give flowers when there's a funeral. But if you think about it a little, you'll realize why it is done and why flowers are such an essential when it comes to death. With them you show that you care, and not only that. Sometimes sympathetic words are just not enough; you need something more, and this more is hidden in the flowers. They can bring beauty and calmness to a funeral and just take some of the heavy atmosphere away. Maybe you should choose your Sympathy Flowers to be in more subtle hues, because all the attention should be for the departed. Flowers are just something that beautifies the background when you're saying your final goodbye to the deceased.

Send Flowers offers a variety of bouquets for a funeral. You can choose a single flower bouquet or one in our beautiful vases; you can pick out a basket of flowers or a wreath as well. Browse through our website to see what we have to offer as Sympathy Flowers. But even if you  can't find something that appeals to you, and you want to personalize your flower arrangement with a thought of the departed in your mind, you can always request a special bouquet or else to be arranged for you.

You can also show sympathy by sending a potted plant. We have a variety of those as well. If you're wondering what's appropriate for a funeral, and you don't want to send something that's completely out of the ordinary, you can always call us on for a quick consultation before ordering.  

If you're not familiar with the colour that is most appropriate for a funeral, white is the go-to colour in many cultures, since it's a symbol of purity and peace. So, you won't be mistaken if you order some white flowers. The type of flowers that we recommend for such an occasion are lilies, carnations, roses and gladioli. Since lilies are associated with pure life, they are usually the ones that are picked out for a funeral, which makes them the perfect choice when you have to show sympathy. But this doesn't mean that you can't use combinations of different types of flowers together with greenery.

Whatever you want to be made of  flowers for you, be sure that our florists can provide it in no time. That's how professional they are. And our flower delivery staff is never late. The flowers that will be delivered are going to look perfect, fresh and just beautiful.

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I called the customer care to find if they have already been delivered. I was surprised when Send Flowers told me that they had delivered three hours ago. Speedy sympathy flowers delivery service.
Rating: 5/5
They are the most reputable florists and have the loveliest sympathy flowers. I trust them and they never fail to deliver on time.
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This is an example of a good flower delivery company. Four different times we tried them and the company does not fail. They are our choice from now on.
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I prefer their business method. They will always deliver even in critical conditions. Send Flowers has been with us for many years. I rate them best flower shop.
Rating: 5/5

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