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Why Growing Cut Flowers in Your Garden Doesn't Always Work

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Perhaps among the first things you ever find fascinating in the market of a florist is the way the many different flowers have differnet coloration. Then, another pleasant surprise for you will probably be the fact how neat and flawless they all are in their appearance. They are shiny, perfectly formed, in an outstanding condition. Naturally, every person who has a passion for flowers and gardening would want to achieve the very same result in his home as well but the problem is that no matter how much he or she tries eventually the final result will never be that perfect. The reason is not entirely in the fact that the florist is a specially skilled professional but it is pretty much what gives his flowers the crucial advantage over normal people‘s gardens and flowers.

This article will demonstrate you this particular difficulty using the rose as an example-a very familiar and popular flower. When you see a rose you immediately start to dream to have some of those in your front yard but the problem is this dream will never become part of reality. At least it won‘t be for a long time. Roses achieve such a perfect condition and outlook in specially equipped glass spaces which is completely free of poisonous particles or any sort of bacteria that might harm the rose in any way. So, except if you have invested a great sum of money in such a place you won‘t be able to create the perfectly looking roses from your nearest florist shop from your home garden. Depending on how well you are treating the garden and how good the conditions for it are, you will either get many flowers or you will get only a few flowers which will appear to be severly damaged and spoiled. Either way the result will be far from perfect. Usually what prevents your garden roses from being as excellent as the florist‘s roses is the polluted air or the small imperfections of the soil. So, you can forget about sheer perfection when it comes down to growing roses and other capricious flowers in your garden.

The change of color with the florist‘s flowers is because of the different conditions as well. There are some roses for instance that when put in different conditions can alter their color with time passing. The change of color occurs because of the different kind of light the flowers are treated with.

Do not despair because there are flowers which can look pretty good in your garden after all. Those are the so called cottage garden flowers but of course you need to live in an area with proper conditions. Some flowers grow very naturally while others can‘t. Usually the more complex is the flower the harder it will be for you to make it look perfect in your personal garden. If you want a beautiful garden it should consist of simple flowers. It is either that or you can simply get all the necessary equipment to make a glassroom in which you will roses will be able to grow with a much better appearance. This is however a very extreme option. It is better if you just make a research and find those sorts of flowers that will grow and look good in your garden.

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