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Wedding Symbols for April Brides

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Wedding Flower ArrangementsApril can be a wonderful month to get married with the clean spring air, beautiful blooming flowers and the feeling of new beginnings. The word April comes from the Latin, “Aprilis”, meaning “to open” which of course relates to the newly sprung flowers of the season. Should you wish to embrace this season during your wedding, why not incorporate some meanings of the month into your celebrations? Discover the different symbols from jewels to flowers which can enhance your nuptials and make for a memorable wedding day.

April Birth Flowers

The two flowers that are associated with April are the daisy and the sweet pea. These two dainty flowers have different meanings which could be relevant to your wedding celebrations. Choose to incorporate the flowers into your bouquets, centrepieces and buttonholes, or use them as inspiration for the overall theme of your April wedding.


The daisy is thought to symbolise purity and innocence which makes them a great addition for younger couples or couples who are simply young at heart. Choose the have a bouquet of huge daisies or incorporate the daisies in a mixed bouquet of spring flowers.

Sweet Pea

The sweet pea is believed to show happiness and gratitude in addition to blissful pleasure. These qualities are all elements you would want on your wedding day and during your marriage.

April Jewels and Their Meanings

The primary birthstone of April is the diamond, which is particularly relevant for brides getting married this month. Diamonds are the hardest gemstone and are also considered a symbol of wealth, innocence and purity. This is perhaps why it became customary for a woman to receive a diamond ring as a symbol that she is now betrothed and soon to be a married woman. Ancient Greeks thought that diamonds were the tears of Gods which would make them an extremely rare and attractive stone to possess.

How to Include Diamonds in Your Wedding

You may wish to have an entire diamond theme for your wedding with diamond effect centrepieces and napkin holder. Alternatively, wear diamond earrings or a diamond tennis bracelet to complement your wedding dress.


There are also other gemstones that are associated with April, including opal and sapphire. Opals are associated with love and passion which would make the opal especially symbolic during a declaration betrothal. Many also believe that wearing an opal has the power to ensure loyalty and faithfulness.

Wedding CentrepiecesBe Inspired by Opals

The pearlescent nature of opals can be used to inspire accessories and wedding décor. Brides may also want to wear opal earrings as a subtle nod to the positive meanings associated with the opal.


This bluestone is associated with royalty, especially since it featured in the engagement ring of Princess Diana which was also used as the engagement ring when Prince William proposed to Kate Middleton. The regal stone is believed to symbolise wisdom and divine favour. The ethereal blue sapphire was revered in ancient times by different cultures for being a symbol of faith and hope.

Using Sapphires for Your Wedding

The sapphire is a stunning stone and could be incorporated into the theme with blue gems strewn on tables or sapphire blue being used as inspiration for the colour theme.

Whether you choose to use one or two of these wedding symbols to enhance your wedding, or you would rather be inspired by the colours or textures associated with the symbols, feel free to get creative. April wedding symbols can provide fantastic ideas for décor, colours and even wedding favours.

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