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Wedding Flowers – Where and How to Save Money

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Without question, giving flowers is a great way to express love and care, but flowers can be an expensive treat. The beautiful bouquets are getting higher and higher in price and when it comes to weddings the flowers budget can be quite considerable. Every wedding requires flowers – for the bridal bouquet, the bridesmaids’ bouquets, the corsages, garlands, vases, centerpieces, flower girl’s basket, arrangements and others. If you want a beautiful wedding you need to spend enough on flowers that are fresh and match the colors and theme of the wedding. One of the ways to save money at your wedding is by buying flowers from wholesale markets in bulk, but this may result in you having to arrange the flowers yourself. Let’s look at the best ways to save money when shopping for wedding flowers.
Choosing the Florist

You need to start your research for the florist at least 5 months before the wedding day. Some couples even choose the florist 8-9 months before the wedding day. It’s best to have enough time and to know what you want in terms of the flowers. The florist will have many questions for you in order to be able to give you samples and ideas. Make sure you see their previous work and pictures of weddings they have done. Talk to at least 3 florists before you make your final choice. A creative florist by your side is the easiest way to have a beautiful wedding and impress your guests. A good florist with enough experience will have ideas that fit into your budget and meet your needs and taste. Choose the florist that you find communicating with the easiest. A good florist is one who listens to you and understands your wants.

Wholesalers and Silk Flowers

A great idea which will help you save some money is to visit wholesale markets and get your wedding flowers from there. Then you will need to preserve them until the wedding and have lots of help for the flower arrangements, but this can be a great way to get really involved in the creative process of organizing a wedding. A popular suggestion is to use silk flowers – the ones that are done well can look just as good as fresh cuts. If you decide to shop around for silk flowers get a friend with you who will be honest – if the flowers look ridiculously fake it’s best not to risk ruining the whole look of the wedding.


Sometimes in order to save money we need to make certain compromises. You can incorporate silk flowers in the centerpieces and mix them with the fresh ones. This way you get the best of both things. A big advantage is that if some flowers start withering you can replace them with silk ones. Other compromises you can make are in terms of the centerpieces. If you have smaller tables for guests, but many, don’t cover the entire middle area with a huge centerpiece. Create a beautiful smaller arrangement with your favourite flowers and stick the names of the guests on it. This is a crafty way to show that guests are more important than flowers and you value each and every one of them. Make sure that everything is prepared the evening before the wedding ceremony and leave only small final touches for the big day. You will have so many important tasks that you will literally have no time to worry about the flowers too.

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