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A wedding is perhaps the most significant day in a woman’s life. It is the stepping stone towards a new stage of life and therefore it is celebrated with lots of emotion and joy and it is strongly anticipated. This is why on this important day a woman wants to make everything perfect. Amongst the number of things which are used to make this happen, one of the biggest is the decoration. Here we will discuss the biggest part of the decoration process – the wedding flowers.

There are a few places where flowers are needed, and it is essential to make the right choice of flowers for those specific places at the wedding. One of the primary and most significant places is of course the wedding bouquet, or the bridal bouquet. Traditionally it is held by the bride during the ceremony and tradition requires the bouquet to be thrown by the bride over her shoulders towards the end of the wedding. Whoever catches the bouquet is claimed to be the next in turn to be married. Brides always worry over what flowers to choose for the bridal bouquet. They have to match the theme of the wedding, the dress, the preferences of the bride and above all – have a positive meaning and symbolism that will bring luck to the marriage. The bouquet needs to look good and survive the whole wedding looking immaculate as it will also be on all the official photos of the wedding.

After this, the bride has to select the flowers for her hair, if she will have any. This fashion makes the bride look like a fairy – delicate, beautiful and in one with nature. The flowers needs to be big enough to be noticed, but not too big – they have to match the dress and the make-up and they need to sit as a fine addition to the hairstyle. One option is to have one big bloom in the middle of a formal hairstyle or a chain of small gentle flowers. A popular wedding hairstyle involving flowers is with a headband of small leaves.

These flowers will add even more beauty to the bride, but there are more decisions to be made, such as the centerpieces, the bouquets and the whole decoration. Choose flowers which match the theme of the wedding. To make your wedding beautiful, the entrance can be decorated with fresh flowers in an eye-catching colour. The centerpieces will be a major aspect of the wedding so choose the arrangement well – pretty, delicate and various flowers which make you feel good and happy. The wedding reception will need huge amounts of decoration, if you want a big and memorable wedding. Try not to overdo the flowers though, as it will hinder the guests, especially when everyone starts dancing. Flowers should be placed on tables, at the main entrance and perhaps some vases along the walls and the windows. As long as your guests are able to walk freely without bumping into flowers, everything will be alright. Your wedding planner should be able to tell you the precise plan for the flower decorations based on the venue you have chosen for the wedding reception. Leave the bigger flowers for places away from the tables and the chairs. If you keep in mind the above-mentioned suggestions you will easily manage with the wedding flower decorations and making the right choices for the bridal bouquet and all the other pieces.

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