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Vintage Style Bridal Bouquets

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If the recent years have shown us anything, it is this: old is gold and will always be. The word “vintage” has become an intrinsic part of common parlance, from vintage fashions dominating international runways to vintage ideals shaping modern-day family values!

It seems as though no matter how far we go or how modern we get, there are some bits and pieces of the times past that we are just not ready to let go of! And with good reason too: sometimes the past has timeless and priceless value and there is sentiment, sensibility and even substance in keeping some traditions alive!

With all the vintage ideas and inspirations doing the rounds these days, it should come as no surprise that vintage bouquets too are in great demand the world over. While gifting someone a vintage-style bouquet is an absolutely adorable way of making their day, it is the would-be brides dreaming of vintage-inspired weddings that have brought this trend into being.

The interesting thing about arranging vintage-inspired bouquets is that there is one for every personality type. So, even though most of us would right away assume that vintage-style bouquets must be made up of pale pinks and whites (there is something about the word “vintage” that conjures up images of light colours, lace and a lot of airiness and elegance, isn’t there?) the truth is that vintage style bouquets can be as subtle and soft as you like or as vibrant and ethnic as you want!

If you want a bold vintage-style bouquet, the colour palette of orange, pink and purple cannot be beat. The pink and orange add femininity and grace to the bouquet while the purple infuses a sense of mystery and whimsicality. Use flame calla lilies for the orange, aqua roses and sweet peas for the purple and any pink variety of rose to follow this colour scheme. A brightly coloured strip of brocade or any fabric decorated with rhinestones and beads can look wonderful wrapped around the stalks of this bouquet.

If you want a more delicate and girly bridal bouquet, stick to a colour scheme of white and pink. Peach flowers can also be added to this bouquet to bring more femininity and grace to the arrangement. Tie the bouquet together with satin ribbons in different shades of white, pink and peach for added charm. If you like, you could also tie the bouquet using pieces of lace or tulle.

Create a splash with a yellow and white vintage bouquet: the white can mark tradition and represent values of purity, innocence and faithfulness while the yellow will bring a sunny vibe to the bouquet and speak of your commitment to loyalty. White and yellow together are a quintessentially vintage colour combination (think of the striped aprons of old!) and are a beautiful way of experimenting with colour without doing anything too unusual.

If you want to design a bouquet that is both vintage and rustic-inspired, pick a muted colour palette of whites, creams and oranges. Draw inspiration from old knickknacks around the house, especially wooden items. The faded cream-peach colour of old wood should define the theme for a rustic and vintage bouquet. Pick flowers in cream, peach and a soft muted caramel if you can. Add some baby’s breath for the white and then tie the bouquet together with lace fabric. For added sentimentality, you can use a piece of fabric from your mum or grandma’s wedding dress.

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