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Types of White Flowers

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Here is a detailed selection of white flowers you can find in flower shops or order online, their symbolism and specific information about them:

•    White Rose

This exquisitely beautiful flower is the representation of moonlight, a symbol of innocence and purity. The bud when in bloom stands for a girl who is too young to be in love. The white rose is a traditional wedding flower, representing the love of the bride and groom, their union and the new beginning they start together.

•    White Lily

The lily is one of the most loved flowers. The white lily blossom is a symbol of majesty and purity. Different legends tell the story of the emergence of the white lily, the majority of them being Christian. One legend tells how white lilies sprung from Eve’s tears upon her eviction from Eden. Other stories say that the flowers emerged from the sweat of Jesus, while he was praying. Overall, the symbolism of white lilies is so strong that when you give them to somebody it is like saying: “With you I’m in heaven”.

•    Camellia

Also known as “Bourbon Camellia” the white flower originates from China, Korea and Japan, where people called it “Winter Rose”. Even though it has no scent, its message is strong enough: these flowers are given as a promise and as a statement of adoration.

•    White Hydrangea

This flower, which is easy to grow in a garden, often loses its white hue through the years. Depending on the composition of the soil, it may turn its petals into pink or blue.

•    White Gerbera Daisy

With its little sister the white daisy, these pretty flowers are part of the 5th most popular species of cut flowers. They stand for innocence and truth.

•    White Tulip

The perfect choice of bridal bouquets for spring weddings. Representing love, looking elegant and classic, white tulips also send a strong message to the recipient: “I don’t deserve your love”.

•    White Daisy

The famous flower for predicting whether the one you love loves you back, has been a symbol of modesty, freshness and simple beauty for centuries.

•    White Calla Lily

Being associated with funerals and weddings at the same time, its trumpet shape is viewed as a symbol of resurrection, birth and news. White Calla lilies are magnificently stunning flowers, promising beauty.

•    White Orchid

One of the most loved and sought after tropical flowers, the white orchid is also a symbol of innocence. However, the orchid itself represents delicate beauty. When giving someone such flowers, you are telling him or her that you care about them or that you are thinking of them constantly.

•    Magnolia

With its stunning white appearance, the white magnolia is believed to be one of the very first flowers which appeared on earth, together with waterlilies. The white magnolia is a symbol of love for nature and nobility.  

•    White Hibiscus

Native to Hawaii, the white types of hibiscus are amazing perennial flowers which you can grow in a garden. These flowers are traditionally used in Indian medicine.

•    White Carnation

Expressing sweet and pure love, innocence and loveliness, and bringing good luck, the white carnation is famous for being worn on one’s chest on Mother’s Day as a tribute.

•    Jasmine Flower

With its grace and delicacy, the white jasmine represents sensuality, affection and attachment.  

•    Lily of the Valley

The many legends of this flower add to its mystery and appeal. With its strong scent, the spring flower says one thing as a gift: “You complete my life”.

•    White Daffodil

The white daffodil, or narcissus, is the flower of March and a symbol of friendship.

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