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Types of Artificial Flower Arrangement

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People often use artificial flowers when they have to make flower arrangements. And even if you are not a fan of the artificial stuff there are some privileges you may consider in mind next time you see “no-real” flowers in the store.

The advantage of artificial flowers when used to form patterns and decorations is that they retain their vivid colours and lend themselves to bending etc. without suffering damage. There are several main types of arrangement of artificial flowers.

In the horizontal arrangement of artificial flowers, typically shallow containers are used, as well as anchor pins. The main flowers in the arrangement are laid in the middle, and it is best to let them slope over the container sides, and also they should extend on both sides. Room should be left for filling flowers which will complement the arrangement. Besides filling flowers, foliage can also be used to fill the space.

When vertical arrangement of artificial flowers is used, it is preferable to choose flowers whose length is three to four times as much as the height of the vase in which the flowers are to be arranged. The flowers, together with leaves, can be secured inside the vase with the aid of foam and glue. After the main flowers are inserted, filler flowers can be added to complement the arrangement.

The triangular arrangement of artificial flowers is more unusual and that is why it is more interesting. It is important to arrange the flowers in such a manner that the height is larger than the width. Then the largest flowers which are to form the focus of the arrangement should be placed, and they can be lowered slightly, in order to achieve the effect of balance. Afterwards the filling flowers and foliage should be arranged, in a triangular pattern.

Crescent arrangements are yet another less typical form which is appealing and is easy to carry out. It is important to determine the length of the curved, and crescent line flowers, or curved leaves form, should be inserted to lay the basis for the crescent form. The filler flowers and foliage can be laid so as to achieve a tapered form of the arrangement ends.

In the oval arrangement, line flowers can be used to form the height of the arrangement, and the outer edges should be shaped with lightly coloured flowers as well as foliage. The largest and brightest flowers should be in the centre of the arrangement, to attract the attention as the focus.

There are also other types of arrangement used to prepare outstanding flower designs for different purposes. For example, in the minimal arrangement type, the tallest flowers should be inserted in the middle, and the shorter flowers can be arranged around them. There is also the lazy S arrangement, in which the flower stems are bent into curves and are arranged so as to form the outline of an S. The filler flowers should be arranged around them, maintaining the S shape. There are also free standing flower arrangements in which the design shape should be defined with the main flowers and leaves. Then filler flowers should be inserted, in conformity with the design selected.

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