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Tulips Are a Way to Declare Ultimate Love

Usually when we talk about tulips, you instantly think of the Netherlands because they are its national symbol. But they don't originate from there. Actually, they come from Persia and Turkey where they played an essential part as a piece of the local culture. It is believed that their name comes from a Persian word that means turban. In the seventeenth century when they were brought to the Netherlands, the so called “tulip mania” took place where tulips became so demanded that the prices of a single bulb went very high and then suddenly collapsed.

Tulips are typical spring flowers that grow from bulbs. They also come in different bright or pastel colours, and as you can probably guess, each has a special meaning. Tulips are the universal romantic symbol of declaring ultimate love, especially the red ones. If you've been married for eleven years, now would be the perfect time to give tulips for your anniversary. Then, the purple ones are associated with elegance and nobility. In the beginning, yellow tulips meant unrequited love, but now they somehow evolved and symbolize cheerfulness and sunshine. There are also white tulips that are a sign of forgiveness. Whatever feeling you intend to show by sending a bouquet of tulips, order them from Send Flowers. Rest assured that we have all the variety of tulips for you. Choose anything you like or pick something out according to the symbolism it carries.

We deliver not only fresh-cut tulips that look splendid, by the way, but also gorgeous potted ones that can be planted in the garden of every plant lover. Looking at this particular type of flower, it may seem very simple compared to the other ones. But don't let its simplicity fool you. Some people love namely such delicate flowers. And simple doesn't mean worse. When it comes to flowers, there's no better or worse. There's only what appeals to the individual taste. If we take a tulip of any colour and look at it carefully, we'll see that it reflects elegance with its delicate petals, stem and leaves. It can be given as a part of a flower bouquet of different-coloured tulips or in combination with other types of flowers.

Many are the special occasion that can be beautified by a tulip arrangement. We don't want to enumerate all of them because the number will exceed our imagination. What's essential here is that they will not only adorn an event with their diverse hues but will also add some favourable emotions. Moreover, why should there be an occasion to express a sentiment? Send tulips or any kind of other flowers because you feel like doing it. Nobody would blame you for that. In fact, your gesture will be rewarded with a smile – a huge one, indeed. Send Flowers specializes in giving smiles away other than delivering flowers. Did we mention about our flower arrangers? They are the ones who make single flowers look good when they're combined in an arrangement.

Our tulip arrangements can remind you of a splendid garden transferred in a single flower bouquet. When seeing them, your imagination can start playing; your mind can start making your own associations up. Maybe by looking at our bouquets, you'll be able to drift away somewhere else, somewhere pleasant.  
If you want a sentiment to be shown better and with style, the first thing you have to do is send flowers, our flowers. Here is our phone number – if you want to place an order now.

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