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Tulip Flowers Guide

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Tulips are flowers which are simply mind blowing – both in sculpture and style. Tulips are currently the third most bought flowers in the world, outrun only by roses and chrysanthemums. Tulips originate from Western and Central Asia and have been cultivated by man for more than 500 years. Tulips are one of the most recognized flowers in the world. There is hardly someone who doesn’t know what a tulip looks like: in the shape of a cup with bright colours and long green stems, tulips are at once stylish and neat, fancy and unique. They are perfect for big impressive bouquets and flower decorations. Popular for weddings and a variety of other events, tulips are also the national flowers of Turkey, symbolizing love, passion, romance and dreams.

The Flower
A Persian legend says that the flower originated from a lover’s drops of blood. That’s why tulips will always remain a symbol of the confessed love. Often praised in literary works and poems, drawn and painted, tulips have gained in popularity throughout the ages. The 17th century saw a real phenomenon – when “tulipomania” started. Women in France wore tulips, attended tulips festivals and people chose to grow the flowers, over of other jobs. Nowadays, the tulip is popular as the symbol of Holland.

Tulip Gardens
A garden of tulips is one of the most beautiful sights you can ever see. Tulips can be grown in plenty of bright colours, which will make your garden vibrant and spectacular. Tulips are quite easy to grow, so if you are a beginner there is nothing to worry about. When you plant them, pick a sunny spot in the garden as tulips love the sun. They prefer a sandy soil that is well-drained and alkaline. After you plant the bulbs, water them, if they are too dry. Tulips are planted between October and November and they are in bloom in spring. Check for diseases, such as aphids, which will try to eat the tulips.

Bouquets and Arrangements
These beautiful vibrant flowers bring cheerfulness and brightness wherever you use them. You can give them in a bouquet on their own or paired with other traditional flowers, as long as you try to create a beautiful colour combination. Some popular suggestions include: pairing red tulips with cream ones for a sophisticated bouquet; a bridal bouquet of white tulips; mixing bright tulips for a splashing effect (yellow, purple, orange and red); giving red tulips to express your romantic love for someone; giving a big bouquet of fresh tulips for expressing strong feelings of love and many more.

•    White: great flowers for weddings in spring, tokens of love and elegance. The message they send is usually asking for forgiveness.
•    Pink: very trendy in Europe in the 17th century, the pink tulip comes in a variety of pretty and eye-catching shades. Giving pink tulips to someone means that you truly care about them.
•    Red: with a variety of symbolisms, ranging from “perfect lover” to a declaration of one’s love, the red tulip is one of the most expressive flowers you can give to your loved one.
•    Blue: in a strong vibrant shade of blue, blue tulips represent peace and tranquility; they also convey trust and loyalty.
•    Yellow: a symbol of friendship, as well as hopeless love.
•    Black: a real challenge of hybridization, the black tulip has a variety of types now and can be given at funerals, as a symbol of mourning and loss.

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