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A wedding day is one of the greatest, most memorable and significant days of our lives. Many women dream of their wedding day from when they are little girls and the attempt to make everything absolutely perfect on that day is inevitable. Everyone wants a great wedding and a wedding is nothing without the proper decoration. Perhaps the biggest part of every wedding decoration is the flowers. Bouquets, flower arrangements, scattered petals, floral garlands – flowers are everywhere and they should be chosen wisely.

In the past few years, one of the recurring trends is to adorn a wedding with tropical flowers. These flowers are everything but ordinary and typical. Many brides (and their grooms as well) believe that they can’t just use the typical flowers they see every day for their wedding too. That’s why the next best choice is using tropical or exotic flowers – with their easy availability everywhere nowadays, bright colors and magnificent scents and looks, they can surely make a wedding memorable and unique. Tropical flowers bring a modern feel to a wedding, which no other flower does. These flowers are showy, vibrant and eye-catching. One of the big benefits is that they are also accessible – in terms of price and availability – throughout the year. Even if you are having an autumn or winter wedding, you can still decorate it with beautiful exotic flowers, which will bring the summer and the sun to any wedding reception hall.

You can easily order a floral arrangement or bouquets of tropical flowers any time of the year, no matter where you are. Bouquets, corsages, centerpieces, headbands, boutonnieres, Hawaiian leis and plenty other floral designs for bigger and smaller decorations will look absolutely spectacular at any wedding. Exotic flowers come in a variety of beautiful, bright colours and some have more than one colour in their blossoms – purple, orange, yellow, blue, red, pink, green and many more. It is quite easy to use them for decoration, for a bridal bouquet or even put them in the bride’s hair. However, with this big variety of beautiful tropical flowers, it can be a challenge to pick the right ones. Here are some of the most popular and unique tropical flowers, which are perfect for wedding ceremonies:
•    Anthurium: also known as Flamingo flower, the Anthurium is a beautiful exotic flower, which you can get in plenty of shades of red, orange, pink or green.
•    Orchid: perhaps the most popular and used exotic flower for weddings and not only for its beautiful petals and exquisite colour combinations, the Orchid is a more expensive flower, but it’s worth every penny.
•    Heliconia: this special exotic flower has an unusual shape and makes beautiful decorations which catch the eye.
•    Red Hibiscus: the most chosen flower at Hawaiian weddings, this is a stunning tropical flower which is great for bridal bouquets and headbands.
•    Strelitzias: also called Bird of Paradise, this flower has a unique shape and is often used for centerpieces and garlands.
•    Other tropical flowers suitable for weddings include: Calla lilies, Trumpet lilies, Tuberoses and Asiatic lilies, as well as different combinations of various exotic flowers.

Wedding Bouquets with Tropical Flowers
For bridal bouquets, one can choose among plenty of shapes: round, nosegay, cascade, hand-tied, arm bouquet, single stem, wrist, basket, or Hawaiian lei. The best shapes for wedding bouquets made of tropical flowers are cascade and round bouquets. When a tropical flower is paired with a traditional one, the exotic flower will stand out. Here are some combinations:
•    Green orchids with mini calla lilies
•    Cymbidium orchids in pink with bright orange roses
•    Seeded eucalyptus with roses in pale pink

If you dream of a unique and dazzling wedding, then tropical flowers are the best choice for decoration you can get.

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