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If you are looking for some plants for your home, why not consider buying some tropical flowers.  They are not as difficult to find now that there are so many online garden centres and shops, the prices of these flowers are reasonable, and most of them blossom annually lasting for years. Some tropical flowers are part of trees or shrubbery and these need to be grown in the garden, some of these tropical plants and trees are also included below.

African Tulip: this is actually a blossoming tree that can grow between 7 and 25 metres in height. The flowers are bell shaped and quite large, bright orange and red in colour and the petals tipped with yellow. Needs full sun and well-drained soil.

Amazon Lily: a beautiful, white and large lily with a sweet and welcoming fragrance.  This flower makes an excellent cut flower or potted plant in the home, its aroma will fill the house.

Anthurium Plant: many people mistake these flowers as fake or plastic because how they look. Typically grown as house plants, they are easy to grow and live for a long time.  Sometimes called the flamingo flower, they grow in a variety of colours.  

Blood Lily:  this bulbous plant grows a large flower that has one hundred flowers inside of that.

Bromelaid: this plant has richly coloured leaves and blossoms annually.  With a little bit of research these flowers are easy to grow and maintain.  The blossoms on the plant vary in colour and the shapes in which they grow giving them different appearances.

Bouganvilillea plant: this tropical vine is an ideal addition to your garden, it is easy to grow and regardless of how much you trim it, it grows back stronger.  It likes to climb and expand and will spread once it has been planted, furthermore this flower is very colourful.

Balsam Apple Flower: the species of this flower are wide and varied, from shrub plants to trees growing 20 metres tall.  The flowers have between 4 and 9 petals and come in various colours of pink, red, yellow and white. This tree also grows fruit that splits open to look like a 10 petal flower in red colours.

Bat Plant: this is one of the most exotic and unusual flowers that is very detailed and draws people’s attention to it. The flowers are dark, black and purple, and the flower has dark whiskers growing out of it.  This can be grown indoors or outdoors as long as the soil is kept moist, and can grow up to 36 inches tall.

Bird of paradise: this is one of the most stunning tropical flowers you can buy, t actually resembles a bird of paradise, hence its name.  They are easy to grow and quite hardy plants making them ideal if you are new to gardening.  Growing 3 to 4 feet tall, this flower is grows in a range of colours so that you are sure to find something suitable to your garden or home.

Hoya plant: this is an unusual looking and feeling plant, the petals are fuzzy like a peach and they look plastic and somewhat fake.  Used mainly in hanging baskets, this plant hangs over the edges, it is also perfect for using against a trellis, which it will climb up and grow against. They can tolerate cool and hot temperatures, though they are not hardy plants or very easy to grow.

Tropical pitcher plant:  this tropical plant is carnivorous and makes a perfect house plant. The plant will eat any bugs and insects from around your home to gain extra proteins and minerals.  The coloured pigments of the flowers give the impression that it is full of nectar which attracts bugs who get stuck inside the flower and die, the plant then digests them. This is one of the easiest tropical flowers to grow yourself and they can reach 6 to 9 inches in height.

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