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Tips For Sending Sympathy Flowers

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Losing someone you love is a hard experience that can’t be compared to anything else ever experienced. Sympathy and support are an absolute must. You could find out that many people care deeply and feel for you. Sending sympathy flowers is a common tradition, as they are harmless and you don’t risk saying the wrong thing or feeling awkward. Showing your sympathy and care for the family of the deceased one can be done by giving or sending a beautiful bouquet. All over the world people have adopted this practice and nowadays it’s the most normal thing, especially when you can’t be with the family. However, many people get quite confused when they have to choose the flowers – not only are they shocked and sad, but they also need to decide which are the right flowers for the occasion. Follow the next tips when choosing and you won’t be at a loss.

First of all, you need to select the appropriate colours and types of flowers. In most countries around the world, there is a specific rule regarding sympathy flowers and you can easily find selections in online flowers shops or ask the florist in the shop. It is claimed that most flowers can be given as sympathy ones, or that one can choose according to the flowers’ meaning and symbolism. Most cultures believe that specific types and colours are appropriate though and if you don’t want to risk it, simply stick to the traditions. For instance, in Japan people consider white flowers the only appropriate choice. In many countries the religion sets the rules for sympathy flowers. If you are confused, simply ask the florist for an expert opinion.

Second of all, one has to choose not only the flowers, but also the right size and type of bouquet or arrangements. Florists offer bouquets, wreaths, casket sprays and other floral pieces, appropriate for funerals. The choice of type and size would depend on what you think is right. Usually, it’s normal to give a big arrangement if you were quite close to the deceased or the family. Thus, you express your ultimate sorrow and regard. A big and rich arrangement is the right thing to do. If the deceased wasn’t that close to you, you can choose a fine bouquet or a flower basket and this would be sufficient.

Third of all, it’s a good idea to send a card with the flowers and write a sympathy message to the family. Many people experience a difficult time when they have to write their sympathy message and express what they feel. You don’t have to write a long message, a few honest words would suffice. It’s simply a chance to say how you feel and that the family can depend on you for anything. Offering comfort and sympathy through a message will be strongly appreciated.

Fourth of all, decide upon the place where you want the flowers delivered to. You can choose either the funeral home or the home of the deceased person. Some cultures state that it is a bad omen to send funeral flowers to the residence of the person. Take the tradition into consideration, but make sure that the family receives your flowers on time. If you were quite close with the person who died, it shouldn’t be a problem to send the flower to their residence.

To sum it up, sending the sympathy flowers requires an appropriate time as well. Sympathy flowers are best sent to the funeral home sometime before the visitation begins. Sending the flowers to the funeral home or the graveyard during the actual funeral service is strongly inappropriate.

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