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The Symbol Behind The Blue Rose

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It is a well known truth that red rose is the world popular symbol of love and passion yellow roses are given when we want to express gratitude and friendship while white roses stand for innocence and purity. However, during the recent few years it has become more and more popular to give blue roses. Yes, not any other colour but blue. Why this colour (that cannot be found in nature) has become so popular among people and what exactly blue rose symbolises? The following lines are aiming at answering these questions. They will help you find out more facts about the blue rose and will also give you a few clues on how to understand the secret meaning if you are given a blue rose.

1.    What does blue rose symbolise?
According to the world famous book ‘Rose Colour Meanings’ blue rose stands for mystery as well as for something strongly desired but impossible to get. It can tell a lot to the person it is given to about the feelings of someone else. Usually blue rose is meant to show strong, passionate but unreciprocated feelings of love.

2.    Where we can buy a blue rose from?
Many florist stores offer blue roses to their clients. As a matter of fact blue roses cannot be found in nature. They are actually white roses painted in blue paint. They do not grow in nature in this colour, however, Japanese scientists have recently managed to grow such a rose under special conditions and it can be found now on the Japanese market.

3.    How can a white rose be turned into a blue one?
By nature roses lack a specific pigment called delphinidin which is actually the reason for some flowers to be in blue colours. Japanese scientists use tricolour violets and irises as both flower types contain delphinidin in their structures in order to achieve a 100 percent natural blue pigment in the roses’ blossoms.

4.    What does a blue rose mean?
When blue roses gained more popularity in the United States more and more florist shops started to create so called ‘patriotic’ bouquets – a combination of white, red and blue roses. Couples, who are about to get married has started to choose the blue colour as a leading element of their wedding ceremonies and that way the blue rose has found its place in different decorations and bouquets. The new trend has become extremely popular among young mothers also – especially when it comes to parties for newborn boys – all of the guests are asked to bring blue roses with them.

5.    How to make a blue rose by ourselves?
It is not a difficult task at all. All you have to do is pour a couple of drops of blue colour used for colouring cakes or eggs into a vase of water. The more drops, the more intense the colour of the rose will become. Then put a white rose into the water and leave it for a while and voila – you have a blue rose.

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