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Funerals are not the most fun places to be at. Everyone dreads the task of having to plan a funeral for someone that they have lost. As if their loss alone is not hard enough, you now have to spend hours and hours arranging how they are going to be buried or cremated. It can be very hard and distressing. We want to arrange the best funeral possible, so that our loves ones can get the perfect goodbye that they deserve.

Choosing funeral flowers is not easy at all. You should always aim to pick flowers which are going to last for a long period of time. Ideally, the flowers should still remain fresh after the funeral has taken place.  You need to be careful about which flowers will last as long as possible, whilst serving the purpose of being at a funeral.

This article is going to talk about the perfect funeral flowers, and how you can buy them.

Flowers that have thicker petals are going to survive much longer than flowers that have thing petals. This is because thin petals are delicate and will lose their moisture a lot quicker. Flowers that have thick petals include Carnations which are very common during funerals. You could also choose Marigolds, which are very elegant, or Lilies, which are gentle yet beautiful, making them perfect for any funeral. There are many more flowers which are suitable for a funeral whilst being thick and any florist or member of staff will gladly guide you.

Full flowers such as Dahlias will not wilt quick, meaning that they will last long. The good thing about Dahlias is that they come in a various different colours, white being one of them, which is a common flower colour to have at a funeral.  

Flowers on branches, such as Peruvian lilies can last up to four weeks, making them perfect for funerals. These are also available in a variety of colours, so will also be perfect for a funeral.

If you are looking to have an old fashioned, traditional funeral, then using traditional flowers such as carnations and daisies is best. Not only do these have a long life, but they are beautiful and elegant which makes them perfect for funerals. Believe it or not, these traditional flowers will also work out a lot cheaper than some of the more exotic, less traditional flowers. Carnations and daisies come in a variety of colours, meaning that you can have arrangements made where there is more than one coloured flower.  

Avoid delicate flowers at all times. These may be beautiful and exotic, but will not last at all. Half of your petals will have fallen off before your flowers get to the church or relevant place.

Delicate flowers are not strong enough to stand up and cannot be kept in an upright position at the funeral. Also, keeping them at the graveside is also not a good idea, since these flowers will wilt very quickly and will make the grave look unattractive and uncared for.  

Having to choose funeral flowers is not an easy task. Not only do you have to think about flower colours, but you also have the additional task of ensuring that the flower will last long, is strong, thick etc. Trying to do all of this whilst grieving the loss of a loved one is one of the most difficult tasks one has to do. But by following the above hints and tips, your loved one will have the most perfect funeral surrounded by the most perfect flowers.

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