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The Perfect Flowers to Brighten up Your Winter

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Winter is not often renowned for flowers, the cold, harsh ground makes planting impossible, the dark, icy weather is not exactly ideal for blossoming plants, and besides that, who wants to tend to the garden when you could be cosy indoors? However, there are still plenty of flowers which love these cooler months, many are low maintenance, and can transform your forgotten garden into a winter wonderland.

For those not adept at getting out into the garden, these popular winter flowers also look perfect in a vase to brighten up a winter evening in the home.


These are an excellent option to brighten up any patch of land, be it a few pots around the front door, or an excellent display to dazzle the neighbours. Such soft, wintery colours look perfect next to an icy ground, and their delicate petals seem to compliment the cold air. They’re available in pastel blues and lilacs for an eye catching winter flower, or in bright orange and yellow as a vibrant autumn blossom.

Crocuses are quite a low maintenance flower, requiring minimal soil attention before planting, especially where drainage is good. Planting during October will see the blossom in time for early spring, whereas they are iconic for sprouting up during snow for a picturesque lawn.

They should be planted 3-4 inches deep, although the location is flexible for these hardy flowers. Simple watering techniques apply, and it is a plant with which you can definitely sit back, relax and watch as they blossom and brighten up your otherwise neglected garden.


Universal Pansies are flowers almost engineered to love winter, developed by breeders back in 1979; they are a popular plant tough enough to survive even the most British of winters. Adept to cold weather, tough soil and short, dark days, Pansies is a top choice for anyone looking for a winter flower. This large flowered plant looks simply idyllic, and also makes a beautiful bouquet, available in a vibrant range of colours, and eclectic blend of shades is a creative and colourful addition to any outdoor space.

They’re best bought as initially blossomed plants, ready to plant into your lawn, and require little attention to location, often growing remarkably well squeezed besides rocks or walls for an injection of colour, however, they’re particularly difficult to grow from a seed. They are in no way a fussy plant, so is the ideal beginner flower for anyone keen to get back into the garden.

They’re also an edible flower, much loved by slugs, which can be quite problematic especially in damp areas. Keep an eye on your pansies to ensure attention is given to any unwanted pests. If you show them care and attention they will blossom well into next autumn, brightening up your flower bed the whole year round.


Cyclamen is a striking plant which thrives best in cooler months, with plenty of water and shade. Available in a large flowered variety which makes the perfect gift from a florist, or as smaller flowers which are great bedding plants, both also bloom perfectly in pots making it the ideal houseplant.

The Cyclamen flower is particularly beautiful, often found in varying shades of vibrant reds, luscious pinks or crisp whites, besides the petals, it also grows attractive leaves to create an interesting infusion of colour, which is much needed during depressing winter months. This flower also has a delicate, floral scent which will compliment a cosy living room.

Care of Cyclamen requires a bit of attention and watering when the soil is dry, taking great care not to drown or damage the flower itself. When the colour fades, the plant is best left to dry out, as it reaches a dormant stage during summer, ready to reach full bloom again in time for the cooler months.

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