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The Most Romantic Flowers to Give

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For centuries romance and flowers have been closely connected and nowadays the tradition to express love, devotion and care with flowers is stronger than ever. More and more people realize that material gifts cannot be compared to the beauty and meaning of beautiful fresh flowers. With their strong symbolism and appeal, flowers make perfect gifts for any occasion. If the occasion is romantic, flowers are an absolute must to give to your loved one. The eloquent language of flowers is what matters – you don’t even need to speak as flowers speak louder than words. Moreover, the art of giving flowers is a gesture that goes a long way and touches the heart truly.

If you’d like to impress your loved one and show them how much they mean to you, you need to get them the perfect bouquet of romantic flowers. Most people who don’t know much about flowers and their symbolism, claim that every type is romantic in its own way. However, this is not entirely true, as some types are traditionally used to express love from a child to a mother, sympathy, sorrow or gratitude and these meanings are not exactly romantic in their nature. If you ask a florist which are the most romantic flowers to give to somebody, this is the list they will give you.

1.    Iris: The iris got its name from the Greek word for rainbow, due to its multi-coloured varieties. It symbolizes hope, faith, wisdom, courage and admiration. Revered in ancient Indian and Egyptian cultures, the Iris was believed to be divinely protected.
2.    Wild flowers: Wild flowers can enchant any woman with their stunning, yet simple colours and eclectic appeal. They are symbols of thoughtfulness and spontaneity and make beautiful bouquets.
3.    Lilac: Pretty, delicate and fragrant, the lilac is one of the most hypnotic and enchanting flowers. A symbol of youthfulness and innocence, it’s popular for Valentine’s Day too.
4.    Carnation: The biggest rival of the classic rose, the carnation symbolizes love and is the second most bought flower on Valentine’s Day. One of its benefits is that it stays fresh for up to 3 weeks.
5.    Orchid: Exotic and stunning, the orchid is a seductive flower that has a strong power over a woman. Giving an orchid to a woman means that you cherish and respect her and see her as truly special and exquisite.
6.    Lily: Elegant, classy and ethereal, the lily represents one’s devotion and it also conveys innocent beauty. Available in a wide range of species and colours, the lily one of the perfect romantic flowers to give.
7.    Tulip: Symbols of perfect love and ideal for “just because” occasions, tulips are vibrant and pretty flowers which will make your loved one smile widely.
8.    Daisy: Symbolizing purity, innocence and loyal love, the daisy is still being plucked according to the famous Victorian chant of “he loves me, he loves me not”. If you want to express your undying passion to somebody, give them a bouquet of daisies.
9.    Sunflower: It’s a flower that represents one’s adoration toward the receiver and it’s gaining more and more popularity with time.
10.     Red Rose: No other flower can truly compare to the red rose – without doubt the strongest symbol of true love and devotion. The red rose is the most bought flower in the whole world.

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