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The Magic of Purple Flowers

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Purple has been considered the colour of magic and mystery for ages and there is no wonder why purple flowers have this note of distinction and luxury to them which makes people sigh and admire them. Purple flowers come in a variety of shapes and shades – from light and lilac to deep and indigo purple, these flowers are magical and beautiful, perfect for adorning various events – formal or casual. Their meaning adds significance to the colour too. Here is a detailed guide to the beauty and magic of purple flowers and their uses.

One of the reasons purple is considered the colour of magic is because it is formed by the mixture of red and blue, or hot and cold tones. From the passion and calmness, purple emerges as the balanced middle – a beautiful colour hybrid. Purple is found in nature in a variety of beautiful shades: violet, lilac, plum, lavender, mulberry, orchid, eggplant, and pomegranate. This variety makes it even more special – when you mix different shades of purple into one bouquet or floral arrangement you get a true magical combination. In pale or bright tones, purple has always been connected to royalty, from the Roman emperors’ togas to the cardinals’ mantles. During the reign of Queen Victoria purple became the colour which defined social status in the kingdom and this was even enforced by the law. In feng shui, however, it is claimed that the colour shouldn’t be worn too often as it can lead to a blood disease or disturb one’s health in general. Purple is often used for painting meditation rooms as it is a calm colour which can stimulate one’s mind significantly and it also boosts imagination and creativity. All of these specifics of the colour make it even more significant when it comes to choosing flowers in a purple shade.

The meaning of flowers in the different tones of purple is rich, but the ultimate symbolism is that purple stands for royalty and nobility. It adds a sense of distinction like no other colour. In many Eastern cultures purple flowers are considered holy and sacred and they are used as tokens for men’s love for God. The purple lotus in Buddhism is the mystical flower, for example.

According to the specific purple tone, the flowers have various meanings. Here are some of them.

•    Flowers in light purple colour, such as lilac, mauve and violet: They symbolize beauty, youth and femininity. Bouquets of such flowers are perfect for Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day and graduations.
•    Flowers in darker purple: They express admiration, gratitude, love and respect of the giver. You can give them on Mother’s Day, for birthdays of friends and your significant other and when wishing somebody good luck.

Some of the flowers which can be bought in purple colour include: lily, tulips, statice, passion flowers, larkspur, hydrangea, freesia, lavender, lilac, spray roses, birds of paradise, kale, delphinium, aster, anemones, gladiolus, amaranthus, dahlia, carnation, lavender hydrangea, lavender freesia and others. Purple is strongly correlated with luxury, power and spirituality and purple flowers can be used to create true pieces of art. For big parties, weddings, anniversaries and other celebrations, purple flowers are simply a magnificent choice. Powerful combinations can be made by pairing purple flowers with hot orange flowers or cream ones. With plenty of greenery you get a real floral masterpiece.

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