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The Best Flowers for New Neighbors

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In most neighborhoods it has become a tradition to bring gifts to the new neighbors, such as a basket of homemade cookies or any other sweets your new neighbors may like. However, there is one very good way to say welcome to the neighborhood, by accompanying the basket of cooking with some beautiful flowers. If you want to make a good impression and make your neighbors feel more than welcome, in this article you will find a list of ideas for best flowers for your neighbors.

A beautiful vase filled with pink roses

You will never be mistaken, if you give your neighbors roses. Pink roses are stunning and stylish and they are perfect for decoration. Beautifully arranged in a white crystal vase, roses can be the ideal welcoming gift for new neighbors. Giving your neighbors roses is like wishing him or her their life in the new neighborhood to blossom and flourish like the roses do. Additionally, this present will be perfect for decorating their living room or bedroom.

Friendship basket

Offer the new neighbors your true friendship by giving them a basket of beautiful flowers; yellow daffodils , representing new hope and friendship, bright sunflower, with which you wish sunny and happy days in the new neighborhood and pink tulips to contrast and bring more color to your perfect bouquet. Beautifully arranged in one basket, with these flowers you will make a very good impression and welcome your new neighbors in the best possible way.  

Sweet and elegant bouquet

If you want to make your gift more stylish and elegant, stargazer lilies and foliage are the perfect choice. This combination brings both color and elegance to your present and is once again very good for decoration. The pink lilies represent style and elegance, and the foliage brings even more beauty and color to the bouquet.

Summer basket

Wish your neighbors a great summertime in the new neighborhood by giving them a beautifully arranged summer basket , containing yellow roses, white chrysanthemums and a green foliage for more color. Having gathered all the colorful and beautiful flowers, which symbolize friendship , you have made the ideal and a most affectionate welcoming gift for your new neighbors. Besides, the colors perfectly match the summer season and invoke feelings of joy.

Traditional gift basket

You can make a traditional gift bouquet by gathering three of the most gorgeous colored Freesia , white, yellow and blue. When properly arranged in a beautiful basket, the combination of these colors will look stunning. Freesia are known to be the sweetest and the freshest flowers of all, which can bring brightness and fresh color to your neighbor’s new home. For more beauty and style you can add green foliage to the basket.

A fascinating basket of oriental lilies

White lilies have always been a symbol of grace and beauty. Poets have used them to describe the innocence of women and husbands have given them to their wives as a sign of their pure and unconditional love. However , this does not mean that lilies are appropriate only for expressing romantic love, they can also be used as a perfect decoration for the bedroom. With your beautiful basket of oriental lilies , your neighbors can make their homes look even more beautiful and colorful.

Living in a friendly neighborhood has its many advantages. It is often said that neighbors become your best friends , living so close to you. It is a well known fact that neighbors share everything, good and bad moments, happy times and troubles moments. This is why, when new neighbors are coming to the friendly neighborhood , you have to welcome them in a friendly way , by giving beautiful flowers.

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