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Symbolizing life and joy, flowers have often been used as a way to show love and appreciation and to make a special person smile. However, flowers can also be used to express grief for someone’s death. Although, funerals cause a lot of pain and sorrow, relatives, friends and family are still required to attend to honor the dead person and say goodbye for a last time. A traditional way to express a compassion for the family who have lost a loved one, is bringing flowers. Truth is, it is quite difficult to find the flowers, which can best convey our feelings. You have to be really careful not to leave the wrong impression by giving flowers , which are unsuitable for such a sad occasion.
Here is a list of all the flowers , which are most appropriate for funerals.
Roses are a symbol of love and passion , especially when they are red roses. However, these flowers are also appropriate for funerals. White roses, for instance, symbolize innocence and purity, but they can also indicate peace and serenity. Pink roses are a symbol of gentleness and femininity and they can also bring hope to the family who had lost a loved one. Truth is , no matter what color you choose, roses will always express your feelings of regret for the person.
Although, you can find these flowers in a variety of colors like, white, yellow and pink , for a funeral white chrysanthemums are considered the most appropriate choice. The color white is a symbol of purity, innocence and peace, which makes them so suitable for funerals. Just like the color white brings elegance and purity, so do white chrysanthemums symbolize peacefulness and hope.
Lilies have always been known as the most elegant and stylish flowers. With their open shape and gentle touch, white lilies are a good choice for a funeral. Their shape has often been associated with the endless life and everlasting love. Remind the family of the hope of the new day and the everlasting love that will never die. Furthermore, a bouquet of white lilies will bring a little brightness and beauty to the sad day.
Symbolizing faithfulness and hope , Irises are another type of flowers very appropriate for funerals. Even though, their bright colors bring happiness and joy, the blue colored Irisis have a rather calming effect. Giving someone, who has lost a loved one Irises is like reminding them never to lose hope and have faith in the brightness of the new day.
Give strengths to the mourning family by bringing them carnations to the funeral. Like the other flowers , carnations are a symbol of everlasting love and undying heart. However, they also symbolize strengths and willpower. This makes them a very appropriate choice for a funeral.
Calla Lilies
Calla Lilies are considered the traditional funeral flowers, because they symbolize innocence. The orange calla lilies, for example, remind us of the autumn, when the leaves fall down and the earth is covered with a colorful carpet. The autumn, with the fading flowers and falling leaves, is considered a sad season, symbolizing the end of the sunny days and the awaiting winter. Giving calla lilies to someone experiencing the loss of a loved one will show them how much you grief for the loss.
Apparently, flowers do not only symbolize the joy, love and happiness. Most of the flowers used to express happy feelings can also convey the grief and mournfulness. In order to show your compassion properly, you need to select the best flowers suitable for this occasion.

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