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The Best Farewell Present for Your Neighbors

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Having lived with these people so close for years, neighbors become your best friends. They are the  people who you always go to when you need a help with the kids ; your children and their children have played together for years; they are those with whom you drink your coffee every day and have barbecues in the back yard. Your neighbors are close to you every single day and share with you every good and bad moment.

So, when the time comes for these special people to move to another place, you have to give them the best farewell gift. Truth is, many people find it difficult to choose good presents for their neighbors , who are moving away. However, there is nothing more meaningful and beautiful than flowers. Flowers are the best way to show someone how much you care and when these special people are moving away , flowers can best say ‘’I will be missing you’’.

Basket of Gold
Basket of gold is low growing flowers, which are perfect for gardens and make the ideal hanging  decoration. Falling down like a waterfall, a basket of gold can make a very beautiful present for your neighbor’s new home. Yellow basket of gold will create the most joyful atmosphere in any home , because they carry the sun everywhere. By giving these beautiful flowers, you not only wish your neighbors a lot of sunny days at their new home, but you also give them a very good decoration for their home.

Bleeding heart flowers
Show your neighbors how much you will miss them , with a bouquet of bleeding heart. Their form resembles a bleeding heart, which makes them a very good way to say goodbye to someone as special as your neighbors. Furthermore, these flowers are exceptionally elegant and beautiful. When placed in a beautiful basket , these flowers can be the perfect decoration for your neighbor’s new home.

Apple blossoms
If you want to give your neighbors the ideal decorative flower for their kitchen, apple blossoms are the most elegant choice. With their small shape and white colors , these flowers remind us of  snow , which can create a very joyful atmosphere in their new home. Besides, they are very appropriate for hanging flowers , which many people like so much .

Very much resembling the shape of a rose, begonia flower is a very good choice to express your friendly feelings towards your neighbors. Many people like roses and prefer them for presents, but truth is begonia flowers can be as magnificent as roses. Orange begonia , for instance, in a white crystal vase can be a very good present for your neighbors. If placed in the living room, these flowers can brighten up the whole room.

Another type of exceptionally beautiful flowers , ranunculus can make anyone happy. Say goodbye to your neighbors and wish them bright days at their new home, with a colorful bouquet of yellow ranunculus. Like the sunflowers, these flowers invoke feelings of happiness and can make your neighbors smile. Every time they enter the beautifully decorated room, your neighbors will remember you.

Flowers will never go out of style as perfect presents. No one can resist their beauty and the majesty they spread when used as a decoration. Giving flowers to someone who has been close to you for a long time is the best way to convey your feeling when this person is moving away. Your neighbors will appreciate more than anything else, a bouquet of beautiful flowers which they can use to embellish their new home.

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