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Look at a Sunflower and You'll See a Hidden Sun in There

One thing that's true about sunflowers is that they come in only one colour, and that's the colour of the sun – yellow. But that shouldn't stop you from ordering them from Send Flowers. We believe that yellow is the colour of all the happy emotions, such as joy, delight and optimism. The bright hue of a sunflower is maybe one of the reasons for yellow to be associated with the feelings mentioned above. The very shape of a sunflower reminds of a little sun that came down to us to say “hello” and to bring us some of its warmth and bliss.

The way people can't live without a sun resembles the way a sunflower can't live without it either. Sunflowers need its light to grow beautiful and strong; the sun is like their master, and every hour of the day they have to be turned towards it to show respect. Sunflowers have a huge blossom, rough stem and usually grow really tall as if they're trying to reach the sun.

Sunflowers were first grown in the Americas and then, in the sixteenth century, they were brought to Europe. A well-known fact is that oil is made from sunflower seeds. Another interesting fact is that these flowers are the appropriate present for the third anniversary, since they are believed to be the symbol of loyalty. Their blossoms are bigger than the ones of other flowers, which makes them more ornate. This definitely doesn't mean that sunflowers can't be used in a combination with other flowers in a bouquet. There is a great chance that they would stand out in an arrangement because of the size of their blossoms. However, there are types of sunflowers that have smaller heads and look more delicate.

Typically, sunflowers are famed for their durability. Imagine having a bouquet of such flowers placed in a beautiful vase somewhere around your house. They might not have fragrance, but they can surely spice up a room by bringing a little bit of sunshine in. And as we said before, yellow will always be a sunny colour that inevitably can carry the joy in itself. Add that to the sunny shape of a sunflower and you'll get something that is going to adorn your place for a long time.

Have you ever had the chance to look at a field full of sunflowers? Come with us to the illusion we're going to create for you right now. So, you look right, then left, and all you can see is a yellowness that faces the sun. Before you even realize it, you're taken away by your joyful thoughts. It's up to you where you want to go at such a moment. Send Flowers can only contribute to bring the sunflowers safely to your home or to the address we're given. You shouldn't worry about the condition the delivered flowers are going to be in. “Perfect” is the word that you're looking for. Our vehicles are cooled because we rely on perfectly looking flowers most.

As far as sunflowers go, our floral arrangers know how to cope with these plants in order to make them look better in an arrangement than they already do by themselves. So, if you know people who are going to enjoy receiving sunflowers or they are their favourite flowers, this is the right phone number for you: . Making a call is not that difficult, and you really don't need a special occasion to send somebody flowers.

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