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Seven Useful Flower Advices

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It is only natural to want a beautiful flower to last for as long as possible but the sad truth is that flowers are very fragile and vulnerable and in the best case scenario flowers look great for a week or a bit more. There are some extremely delicate flowers whose healthy life span is about three days. However, there are also other flowers who can live up to the whole of fourteen days so don‘t be pesimistic.

Sometimes, the unfortunate situation occurs when you receive flowers that are already partially rotten. You shouldn‘t get frustrated by this. All you have to do is to remove any dead petals and parts of the flower and any sort of foliage that may fall under the surface of the water and contaminate it. Then throw the dying flowers in container full of some hot water and fill the water with flower nutrition. Order neatly the flowers in the vase so that each of them can be properly fed and absorb the water and nutrition supplies and in a dozen of hours, your flowers will be alive again.   

Freshly cut flowers, regardless of their origin, do not tolerate any sort of heat so you will have to make sure that you do not put the flowers close to any heaters or air conditionsers because there are a few domestic things that can kill a flower faster. Also don‘t forget to protect your flowers from constant and direct sunlight beacuse this is damaging as well.

The moisture in the atmosphere around any flower compositions should be just about right in order to keep your flowers in vases and on the wall fresh. There are many ways to keep water around the flower-filling the vases, spraying water in the air, etc.

One thing that is potentially devasating for flowers is filth. You can‘t expect that flowers will gorw with ease in a dirt enviornment or especially in contaminated water. Clean the flowers every week and change their water every 2 to 3 days and you shouldn‘t have problems.

Flowers are in constant need of watering. It is their life support substance and none of them will be able to keep their good looks withou enough of it. If you can afford it always throw in the vases of the flowers some plant food because it will not only further feed them but it may also eliminate any harmful micro-organisms.

You should be careful with the expired blooms of flwoers since if they fall into the water they will contaminate it and your flower will become sick and all the water and nutrition you put inside will be wasted. Also it would be wise, for your own sake to remove the anthers-if you don‘t they will probably manage to place stains on your clothing or furniture. Also it would be wise if you remove the stems in order to rejuvenate the life in flowers.  

To summerize, flowers are made to entertain you, to make you feel comfortable and joyous and to give you a day full of happy memories and experiences under the guidance and the visual marvel of your flowers and floral compositions, so you can be certain that if you follow those seven steps you wil get to experience only positive emotions in your flower-connected life.

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