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Flowers have always had a special place in our lives; poets have used them to describe beauty, men have given them as a sign of love and admiration, children have presented them for mother’s day as a sign of appreciation and thankfulness. It is not a secret that flowers have their own language and have diverse meanings. Truth is, they symbolize different things, depending on their type and color. Like people are characterized  conveyed in their astrological signs, flowers differ according to their type. Furthermore, you can choose what type of flower to give as a present according to the  month.

If the person to whom you want to give flowers was born in January, your best choice will be carnation. Being a symbol of love and beauty , carnations best represent the character of people born in January, gracious and valuing beauty and style. No matter what color you will choose, carnations will very clearly convey your feelings.

Symbolizing faith and wisdom, iris best corresponds to the character of people born in February. A beautiful bouquet of iris flowers can be the best present for people born in February. Although, strong and determined as the winter season, the gentle side of people born in February is conveyed through the elegance and mildness of iris.

As a symbol of the rebirth and a beginning of the spring, daffodils are the best flowers to  present in March. If your anniversary is in March, you can express your love and happiness with a beautiful bouquet of yellow daffodils. The perfectly bright yellow color represents the mildness and gentleness of your loved one. Show your wife and girlfriend how much her character resembles this flower.

Conveying innocence and purity, the best April flower is a daisy. Just like April symbolizes youthful and joy, white daisies express the essence and purity of the spring time. Show your loved one how pure your love is, by giving her a bouquet of the magnificent daisy flowers.Express her pure and innocent heart and show your wife or girlfriend how much you admire these two qualities.

Representing virtue and femininity with their perfectly white color, Lilies are the greatest flower for any occasion in May. This May birth flower conveys the purity of your love and honor. By giving your loved lady a bouquet of white lilies, you are actually telling her how much you adore her femininity and honor her pure heart.

There is one only word to describe the meaning of a red rose , love. Express your passion and admiration for the loved one , by giving her a beautiful bouquet of classic red roses. The color red represents the great passion and the perfect shape conveys the unique love you feel for your wife or girlfriend. The mixture of strong passion and true romance, makes red roses the perfect present for your anniversary in June.

To those who are celebrating a July birthday , delphinium could be the perfect present. The color represents joy and happiness and their unique shape symbolizes an open heart.  This summer flower  matches the warmth of the heart with the happy feelings that summer time invokes. Giving someone a bouquet of delphinium is like wishing them everlasting happiness and showing them for your warm feelings.

Flowers have their own language and depending on what you want them to say, you can choose the ideal flowers for any occasion. Knowing which flower is best for different months of the year, you can make the day of celebration even more special and unique.

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