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Roses Are Not Always Red, Are They?

When you imagine a rose, you see it in red, don't you? That's because you’re used to seeing red roses everywhere and this association somehow stuck in your mind. It's not a secret that roses do come in different colours, such as various shades of pink, yellow, white, orange and lavender. And we at Send Flowers have them all in case you want to wish something that is implied by the colour of a rose. Our company is the one that can and will treat your roses with care on the way to their new owner. Our flower delivery service will be faultless as usual.

But why is the red rose so commonly spread? Maybe because it carries so many meanings in itself. With red roses you can express love and passion, respect and courage. Have you ever asked yourself why flowers always symbolize something. Who put the meaning in them? Or it comes as an addition to them just like that? Maybe men put a meaning in each flower to express something better when words are not enough. Or maybe for each flower there's a myth or a legend that date back in time and tell some kind of a story. The important thing here is that it's a good thing that flowers are a symbol of something. Most of the times it's a pleasant emotion. In this case flowers serve as a facilitator between people when somebody's trying to express a feeling and doesn't know how.

When you want to say that you love somebody, a single red rose can do it for you. Dark red roses are believed to carry the meaning of an unconscious beauty. White ones symbolize innocence and purity, which probably comes from the colour. If you want to show thankfulness and appreciation, perhaps you should get some pink roses. Giving such roses also means that you wish somebody happiness. Yellow ones are intended for friendship and when you want to say that you care. If you want to express that you're fascinated by someone, send orange roses and wait to see the reaction. With lavender roses you can show one of the sweetest feelings which is love at first sight.

But how can something so beautiful have such painful thorns? And why? Actually, it's very simple – they serve as a protection against animals. Originally roses had grown in the woods, before they were cultivated by men. But let's focus on the actual beauty of the rose. It not only looks divine but has a specific fragrance as well. Roses can be found anywhere, so why order them from us? Because our roses are special! And the thing that makes them such is not only the quality of the flowers we deliver, but also the gentle way we approach to every order as if our life depends on it.

It seems like roses are the go-to flowers for any occasion whether a birthday, an anniversary, Mother's Day or Valentine's Day. They are appropriate for any event thanks to the different colours they come in. If the person you intend to send roses to is keen on gardening, you can always order a small rosebush that can be planted in a garden. Send Flowers will take care of the safe transportation of your roses to the final destination. We assure you that no petal or leave fill fall out during the ride. Contact us on right away if you want somebody to be surprised with superb roses.

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