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Roses, What Colour Best Symbolises Your Relationship?

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When you are giving roses to someone as a gift, you should consider the colour of the roses that you give them.  Different colour symbolise varying levels of relationship between you and the recipient, connoting different emotions and feeling towards that person.  To know what colour best suits the occasion and the recipient in question.  See the below colour guide:

Red Roses:  

A red rose is representative of a passionate and true love.  It can also represent desire and a fiery longing for your new love showing there is a craving and a burning passion within.  Red roses were used as flowers within war times to symbolise courage, appreciation and respect.

Dark Red Roses:

Represents a shy love someone one person feels for another, and symbolise an unconscious beauty.  Deep red roses are considered by some to be a way of showing you hold a deep love for another person.  

Light Pink Roses:  

Beautiful, graceful, sweet and gentle are some of the words that best describe these flowers and this is what will come to the mind of the recipient. Ideal for bouquets for weddings and as gifts for celebrations and thank you presents, this colour shows the receiver they are respected.

Pink Roses:

Are ideal for sending to friends as the colour represents endearment and friendship, and are symbolic of perfect happiness.  They show an admiration for beauty and elegance, they will make the receiver feel admired for the same.

Bright Pink Roses:  

The ideal colour to say thank you and show your gratitude and appreciation, use this colour rose to give someone the recognition and show the admiration for them that they deserve.

Lavender Roses:

Represent love at first sight, they show an immediate fascination and affection for the recipient.  This is one of the rarest colours and is also considered to be a regal colour that gives the bouquet a feeling of grandeur.

Purple and Dark Purple Roses:

Represent an enchanted love one feels for another, a magnetic pull that draws you to them, the feeling like you are under their spell.  This is the colour to send to someone who has completely WOWed you.

Blue Roses:

Roses do not naturally grow in a blue colour, blue roses have been created by florists.  As a result of this blue roses symbolise the unattainable or impossible, something extraordinary. The blue colour also symbolises mystery and surrealism, new possibilities and new opportunities.

Turquoise Roses:

Are an ideal get well soon gift idea, or as a gift for someone who is trying to get pregnant as the colour symbolises fertility, abundance, richness and a renewal of life and of energy.

White Roses:

Symbolise innocence and purity, they are perfect for weddings, and are also ideal for someone who is buying flowers by way of an apology.  Secret admirers send white roses as the colour also can symbolise secrecy.

Yellow Roses:

The colour represent friendship and happiness, they are excellent to give to friends as a congratulations gift. The colour can also represent an increase in jealousy and a fading love so you should avoid giving these to your loved one.

Peach Roses:

This peach colour is representative of a desire for love, a love that is modest and has been hidden.  It would be an ideal gift for someone who was friends with the recipient but wanted more from the relationship.

Orange Roses:

Are a great choice to give to a new love as the colour orange represents fascination and enthusiasm. The colour also represents pride, so orange flowers would be an ideal congratulations gift.

Black Roses:

Are ideal for funerals and bereavement, the colour symbolises loss, sorrow and mortality.  The colour also symbolises the beginning of new things, so would be a great going away present, especially as the colour is also representative of courage.

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