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Red Flowers – Meaning and Arrangements

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What Does Red Flower Represent?

For centuries, red flowers have been the perfect symbol of love, passion and deep affection. Representing the heart and blood, red flowers come with their own symbolism and meanings.

Red, being the hottest colour in the spectrum, is associated with good and bad things. On one hand, it represents blood, fire and the sunset, but also anger, war, the devil. On the other hand, it is the most romantic colour, symbolizing desire and blushing from innocence. Red is one of the most stimulating colours to our senses. It can arouse both passion and rage. It is proven that seeing the colour red makes our heart rate increase, as well as the blood pressure. Red also enhances the energy in our bodies and makes us more confident and enthusiastic. In nature we can encounter the colour red in various flowers and fruit: roses, gerberas, carnations, tulips, cherries, strawberries, apples, raspberries, tomatoes, watermelon and others. Red represents loss and mourning in South Africa, whereas in China it is a symbol of good luck and happiness. According to feng shui red is the colour of the fire element, it brings excitement, joy and sexual desire into one’s home.

Meaning of Red Flowers

Extremely exciting and vibrant, red flowers cannot be ignored when encountered in nature in different shapes and shades. When we want to express romantic feelings, desire or eternal love, we usually pick red flowers to give to that special someone. The symbolism of red is so wide that one can easily give red flowers on Mother’s Day, anniversaries and other events. Red flowers are also very suitable for weddings, as the red brings a spectacular colour contrast to the white bride’s dress and to the other traditionally white elements. Here are some of the most popular meanings of the different shades of red:

•    Choose flowers in vibrant red when you want to express your burning passion for somebody. You can give such a bouquet on Valentine’s Day or without any occasion at all.
•    A bouquet of flowers in orange-red symbolizes energy. Give those to a friend or a business partner, as orange is also the best colour for corporate flowers.
•    For expressing romance and love pick flowers in deep red.
•    A representation of sexuality and passion is a bouquet of flowers in a rich burgundy colour.
Red flowers can also convey courage, strength and distinction, which make them extremely versatile flowers in terms of meaning and use.

Arrangements with Red Flowers

Arrangements and decorations with red flowers are great for adding a touch of luxury, sophistication and distinction to an event. Red flowers pair well with plenty of other flowers. Here are a few useful and aesthetic combinations:

•    A fine combination is pairing greenery in emerald green with red flowers, thus creating a nice complementing arrangement, which is quite popular for Christmas.
•    Mix red flowers with light blue ones to add a bit of a royal touch to any event.
•    An elegant and harmonious combination is using flowers in light pink and red.
•    Red flowers sit really well next to pale yellow, but avoid the really bright tones.
•    Red and white flower bouquets are a classic combination, great for Valentine’s Day and weddings, with the mixture of passion and purity.

An important rule when it comes to decorating with red flowers or giving bouquets to somebody is that often less is more. Even a single red splash is enough to grab people’s attention and various shades of red sometimes look more stunning than bouquets with solid red flowers.

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