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Popular Flowers and their Secret Meanings

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Most people give flowers without paying attention or even without caring about what their history was, what did their kind go through and what it is connected with it. It certainly may not sound all that important but every flower has an effect and every effect is connected with its meaning more or less. This article will present you the meaning of a number of popular flowers.

Birch: This is a flower for a very specific type of people, whose quality are not often appreciated enough and who are definitely in need of encouragement at a certain point in their lives. The birch celebrates the quality of being modest, quiet and solemn and if you need to congratulate a person bearing those things in his character than the birch is the perfect choice for you.

Bells of Ireland: This is a flower everyone loves, not simply the Irish. It is wonderful in its appearance, fresh, cute and surprisingly, unlike most flowers it really lives up to its figuratively descriptive name. This flower is meant to wish and stand for luck and gratitude. If you have a good friend and an occasion give his a couple of Bells of Ireland.

Bittersweet: It is good to give this flower either in symbol of appreciation or as a request. If you want someone to be honest with you and tell you the truth give her of him this flower. If you are glad that someone was brave enough to tell you the difficult truth give her of him the bittersweet.

Bird of Paradise: If you have seen the bird of paradise then you must know that this is one of the most exquisite, beautiful and special flowers out there. It is not a flower you can use even for the most official and grandeur of celebrations. This is a very unique flower and you have to keep it for an unnaturally beautiful and majestic moment. It signifies eternal magnificence.

Bluebell: This is a flower which unfortunately must be given to a sad event, because it symbolizes inner pain, sorrow and grief. If you want to be together with someone in his or her moment of pain or if you want to show someone that you are being hurt, use the bluebell as a present.

Black Poplar: This unusual flower is dedicated to the universal quality of courage. This is a flower for lions and people, who regardless of the quality of their action, have demonstrated that they are not afraid and are willing to face whatever is necessary, without fear, without doubt. The black poplar celebrates bravery.

Bouvardia: Present this to a person close to your heart if he will be facing something formidable and difficult. The Bouvardia stands for enthusiasm and encouragement and the more you give to that person, the more inner strength he will master before he moves on to face his challenge.

Blueberry: This is an example of a flower which is undeniably good looking and extremely tasty, not just for its juice and sweetness but also for its unique aroma combining spellbinding freshness and perfectly balanced heart-warming sugar-like taste. The blueberry is irreplaceable and so it is its meaning which is “prayer”. Give blueberries to a person who has made a wish.

Buttercup: This is a flower of a wild, neat, playful outlook and this is exactly what it stands for. Give this as a present to a kid and it will remain in his or her memory as a cherished memory from the childhood. Although the buttercup stands for the happiness of childhood it also has a negative meaning which is the sensation of ingratitude. Keep that in mind as well.

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