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When you have to organize a party there are many things to plan and shop for. One key element that will make your party much better is the presence of fresh flowers or different floral elements. Unique floral elements will catch your guests’ attention for sure. You should know that decorating a party with flowers doesn’t need to be an expensive undertaking, as long as you follow a few useful tips. Here are some creative ideas which you can try next time.

Ask the local florist to make some floral napkin rings for your guests. He knows the types of flowers that work best for parties – sturdy flowers which look beautiful and can survive a longer time. However, it is best to keep the flowers in water until the guests arrive to prolong their life. You can tuck a flower inside each folded napkin. Such small details can make the area much more welcoming and beautiful. If you have small vases you can use just one stem of flowers in each. If you prefer you can use small crystal glasses. If you want to use name cards, tuck them onto a flower next to each seat. A beautiful idea for a house gathering is to dress up your candles with flowers. You can either use ribbons and flowers to arrange a candlestick or place some floating candles inside a crystal bowl. Some fresh petals of roses scattered around or inside the water in the bowl will turn this arrangement into a beautiful and sophisticated piece of art. Don’t be afraid to get creative with floral decorations, but try to keep things neat and stylish. If you want a cake for your party you can decorate it with flowers too. First, wash the cuts and let them dry. Second, cut the stems really short and dip them in melted paraffin. Wait until they are perfectly dry and finally stick them into the cake. This is a beautiful decoration that will make everyone sigh. Another thing you can try is garnishing the platters and trays with petals or foliage. Remember that you don’t necessarily need the most expensive flower cuts. You can easily use one flower in a big vase and surround it with plenty of greenery. Often less is more and this is no exception when it comes to decorating a party with flowers. If there is a special occasion for the party, consider a theme or a dominant colour. If someone has a birthday you can adorn with flowers in their favorite colour. If it’s a bridal shower, use combinations of light and dark blue flowers. Don’t forget that the flowers will need some special care. One of the top tips is to get the flowers delivered on the day of the event, ideally a couple of hours before it. Try to finish with all the other important tasks and have some time to deal with the flower decoration. However, if you can only get the flowers a day before keep them in a bucket of water. If you are selecting the flowers from a flower shop yourself, pick the freshest ones and at home keep them away from direct sunlight and electric appliances.

Following these simple tips will help you have the best flower decoration for your party.

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