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Orchids Carry a Magnificent Royal Scent

What do we know about orchids? First of all, they are a very whimsical type of flower. What else? That vanilla is made of one of the orchid families. Did you know that in China some types of orchids have been used in the making of medicines for ages? It is believed that orchids are really hard to take care of, especially at home and without the necessary knowledge. They also love sunlight, but too much direct sunlight is not recommended.

Orchids are a very broadly spread type of flowers, but most of them grow in the tropics. That's why they are considered an exotic plant. And the number of different species of orchids is huge. An orchid can carry many messages, but the most popular and universal belief is that it's a symbol of affection. It's also supposed to be given on the fourteenth wedding anniversary. No matter if there's an anniversary, another special occasion or no occasion at all, Send Flowers can always deliver the perfect orchids to any address right on time. Order them from us, and you'll be surprised how competent we are when it comes to our flower delivery services. Fortunately, the immense variety of orchids lets us offer you a wide range of colours. A commonly known fact is that orchids can be used in the making of wristbands for proms.  

There are many legends about orchids that make that flower even more mysterious than it already is. Some of them seem reliable, others – not so much. The truth is that we would never know what's true and what’s fiction. In China the respect towards orchids dates back even before the western civilization was found. There orchids are a symbol of sophistication and friendship. They spread a pleasant fragrance as well as beauty. Nobody can blame them for their tenderness and delicacy; we can only admire them just the way they are. Another interesting fact is that they existed when dinosaurs were still living on Earth, and they survived through evolution.

There are two things about orchids that we can't deny. First, they look elegant and second, they smell nice. Even their large dark green leaves are an indication of class. Orchids stand really well next to other flowers in a bouquet. With them either an ornate or a delicate flower arrangement can be created. Except as a part of a bouquet, Send Flowers provides them in a pot as well. Have in mind that orchids should be treated with special care, but once you learn how to look after them, they will bloom and bloom for you giving you dainty beauty and royal scent.

Part of the orchid's versatility is that they can blossom in any season. They've been cultivated many years ago which means that they can be grown in a pot no matter what season is. Be sure that our flower delivery company has them in all kinds of versions whether a flower bouquet or a potted plant, and since we know how to treat them, they'll arrive to somebody's doorstep intact and spreading the love and beauty.

Our flower arrangers come up with really creative decisions when it comes to orchid flower bouquets. They put all of their skills and imagination into the creation of something that catches the eye instantly and that can fascinate everyone with its unexpected and unusual colour combinations. If you want to be part of the adventure of the mystery of an orchid, give one to someone you care for. Ring us up on to have the better flower delivery experience.

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