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One of the most effective ways to express one’s feelings for somebody is by sending them flowers. It’s a great surprise and a memorable gesture. Flowers are given for various events – birthdays, anniversaries, graduations and no occasion at all. If you wish to show somebody that you truly care about them, whether this is a significant other, a friend or a relative, make sure that you choose a beautiful bouquet or a flower gift basket for them. There are two ways to do this – via online flower delivery or by choosing the flowers in a florist shop and giving them yourself. There are significant differences between these both ways and both options have their pros and cons. How do you choose which way to use? The following guide will help you considerably.

There are numerous online florists with great websites and service – the selection is impressive, the websites are easy to use and there are various options for delivery. What’s great about online florists is the rare chance to send a bouquet or a big flower gift to somebody who lives far away from you. It could be tough to drive or fly just to give them some flowers. That’s when you strongly need the assistance of great flower delivery service. This is not the only advantage of online florists which makes people trust them. It’s also easier to shop online and base your search on your personal choice, the occasion and your budget. It’s faster to find the perfect bouquet for Valentine’s Day or a birthday than going to an actual flower shop. With just a few clicks you can order a beautiful bouquet and ship it with same day delivery. It’s a great option for those who often forget birthday dates and anniversaries. You can literally order a bouquet of fresh flowers in the last possible minute and send them to your significant other, relative of friend. It’s a big convenience, all from the comfort of your office or home. No need to drive to a shop, spend time going through it and looking for the perfect arrangement or inquiring about prices. For many people it’s easier and less stressful to shop for flowers online. However, there is always a risk when using one’s financial details online for paying. You need to be careful what details you provide and read the terms carefully. Moreover, it’s a serious disadvantage that you cannot see the bouquet that’s being shipped. You simply have to trust the website and the service guarantee. This is the big difference between online and local florists. When you go to a florist’s shop you do spend longer time and might end up paying more than you have planned to, but at least you see what you are paying for and you can get a custom-made bouquet, designed specifically for that special person. Moreover, you are given advice on care and preservation of flowers and you are given real face to face customer service. You can see the flowers and assess their quality which is a significant advantage of local floral shops. However, it can be hard to find a reliable florist to trust – you might have to check for testimonials online, which makes the process slightly time-consuming and inconvenient. Both ways of buying flowers have their advantages and disadvantages and it all depends on your personal preference.

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