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The interior of the office is extremely important for the productivity and success of the work process. When you have big office premises you want them to look and feel welcoming, yet professional enough. Too much distraction can be a problem, but a bit of decoration can do wonders for the employees and the general mood in the office. You have probably already noticed employees bringing small potted plants and placing them on their desks, where they can look at them and enjoy their fragrance and beauty. When a person spends 8 or more hours every day in an office, they need something pretty to look at from time to time; something that will make them feel more relaxed and will make the environment cozier.

You can follow this great example and invest in some floral decoration for the office. It’s the perfect way to make the atmosphere welcoming, bright and cheerful. Moreover, this way you will increase the air quality in the office which is a big advantage. There is no specific rule in terms of office decoration with flowers but there are some useful tips you can take into consideration. First of all, adding more greenery than too many colours is preferable – this way the plants won’t be too distracting and the greenery will fit into the general look of the office easily. Second of all, the place of the plants is quite important as well. Obviously you cannot place a plant on each desk as this would hinder the work process, but you can put them on special tables, in the common rooms and on the window sill. Whichever option you choose make sure that the plant is safe and it won’t stand on the way of the workers. If people start stumbling upon flowers and pushing them on the ground while moving around, you need better locations. Third of all, the types of plants matter as not every plant is made for an office environment. There are some plants which won’t grow well in a closed area, especially if the sunshine is not much and you are using air-conditioning. One of the options is to use artificial flowers but the effect on the air quality will be zero. The other option is to look for plants that are perfect for offices – amaryllis, kalanchoe, pothos, spider plant, snake plant, English ivy, cactus, bamboo, Boston ferns, African violet. Your office will look much better with any of these pretty plants as long you take good care of them.

Moreover, every time there is an office celebration, business meeting, birthday or another important occasion, you can order flowers – they will brighten the office atmosphere and bring a festive feel to the typical work area. Adding colour, fragrance and freshness, there is nothing better than decorating with flowers – it simply makes all the difference. It will give you the confidence that you have a well-maintained office where outside visitors will feel welcomed.

Don’t forget that flowers show your employees that you appreciate their hard work. They are also necessary for days when you promote people, when somebody is retiring and there’s a leaving party. Flowers build a special atmosphere which cannot be denied and an office full of greenery and pretty colours is an office where employees are happier and more cheerful.

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