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When you wish to express your love, gratitude or simply care for somebody, there is no better way than giving them beautiful flowers. You don’t even need to choose a gift – a bouquet can say it all. With flowers you can remind your friends or loved one that you think of them and love them. Bringing fresh flowers to an event you’ve been invited to is another way to stand out and claim: “I am a good guest”. There is no better way to express care, love or gratitude than with beautiful fresh flowers. So here is a list of occasions which you can bring flowers to and feel good about it.

1.    Pool Party
This may come as a surprise, but why not send some flowers to the host through a delivery service. They will receive the flowers and adorn a table, so when you show up for the occasion you will feel like you did the right thing. This way your host will be bragging about your gesture to everybody else and you can show your good taste and thoughtfulness.

2. Family Picnics
On a picnic table, you can be sure that a bouquet of beautiful fresh flowers will get lots of attention. If you are organizing the family picnic, choose a bouquet of beautiful flowers or arrange them in a big basket. Adding some charm to an ordinary event goes a long way. On the other hand, if you are going to a picnic organized by a member of your family, make sure you bring flowers to the hostess and not just the usual bottle of wine or spirit.

3. Barbeque Party
Parties that are open-air look one idea better when adorned with flowers. They don’t need to be many, but if you go to a local wholesale market in the early morning you can buy various types of fresh flowers in bulk at a very affordable price. Choose flowers of the season and decorate each table tastefully. If your friends are organizing the barbeque party, send them some flowers through delivery service, so they can decorate a table before the guests arrive.

4. Overnight Stays
If you are planning an overnight stay at a friend or relative for the weekend, make sure you bring a bouquet of fresh flowers that they love. This guarantees a good impression. If you have stayed at friends for a few days you can say thank you by sending them flowers with delivery service, along with a box of chocolates. This shows your gratitude and good manners.

There are many events which can be adorned with flowers and many occasions (formal and informal) that you can bring flowers to and this will be much appreciated. Whenever you feel like words are not enough to express what you want to say or thank for, get a bouquet of flowers, choose the arrangement and give them to your host. Flowers speak an international language that everyone understands, so you don’t need to explain anything. Other events which require flowers include: graduation parties, birthdays, anniversary parties, baby showers, engagement parties, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, Christmas dinners, flowers for expressing sympathy, get well flowers, thank you flowers, romantic flowers, congratulations flowers and many more. There are no strict rules in terms of giving flowers – if you feel like giving, then do it.

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