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Cover Somebody in Stars by Giving Lilies

You're not going to believe how many different types of lilies exist. And they come in a variety of colours as well. If that's your favourite flower, it's most likely to find it in your favourite colour as well. Lilies are in the genus Lilium; they come in bulbs and can endure for a long time. The lilies originate from mild woodlands in the northern hemisphere. That's why they can't stand the dry climate. In the nature they grow in the shade of other plants. This keeps their bulbs cool and damp.  

Lilies can be grown both outdoors in a field and indoors in a pot. Some of them are very pretentious of the soil they grow in, others can grow in any kind of gardening soil. Depending on the species, they start blooming in the middle of spring and continue blooming till early autumn. Lilium candidum and Lilium longiflorum are believed to adapt easily and to be very enduring. Most types of lilies are a wonderful part of a flower bouquet. And that's where Send Flowers interferes. We know all about flower delivery and about the proper way to take care of beautiful flowers, such as lilies. The fact that they blossom in so many different colours makes them appropriate for various occasions starting from the saddest one, such as a loss, and ending in the happiest ones which can be anything. What makes them so versatile is how delicate they look and the variegated hues they're tinted in.

There's a legend that tells about lilies. According to it, when a shooting star falls on the earth surface, it transform into a flower and that flower is the lily. Maybe that's why they look like stars. In antiquity they were given to females as a gesture of love. As a sign of obedience and good will, ancient kings used to receive bouquets of lilies from foreign messengers. During the Renaissance the lilies were used for decorating palaces, and women in the court used to put them into their hair or on their dresses. Until the 19th century in Europe only a white lily could be seen. The pink and the yellow version of it came later from Asia.  

Lilies are the well-known symbol of purity and the flowers that are commonly sent to a funeral. Also, they are the flowers that should be given on the thirtieth anniversary of a wedding. There are many other meanings that the lilies carry; most of them come from different legends in different countries.

One thing about lilies can't be denied, and this is that they radiate both humbleness and joy depending mostly on the colour. On the one hand, the more dull-coloured lilies can be appropriate for occasions like expressing sympathy. On the other hand, the bright ones could be given for an anniversary, a birthday or any other happy event. And the good thing about lilies is that they look good among other types of flowers and greenery in a flower arrangement. That's another point added to their versatility. And as part of a flower bouquet they look so impressive that they can't remain unnoticed. Don't forget that since lilies can grow in pots as well, Send Flowers can provide them in that version too.

So, no matter what version of the lily you choose – the fresh-cut one or the potted one, you'll find them on our company's website. And they will be delivered to you in no time and looking as fresh as they'll ever be. Call us on if you want someone to receive delightful lilies from you through us.

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