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How to Prevent Flowers From Dying: A List of Basic Rules

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Sometimes people fail to grow flowers successfully, and then they believe they don’t have green fingers. But getting green fingers is nothing more than practice and the successful growing of flowers depends mostly on experience. Furthermore, even seasoned gardeners can make mistakes which can lead to failure to grow flowers. First of all you should get disappointed if you fail to grow flowers from the first attempt. It is a matter of studying the conditions that are needed for each type of plants and carefully observing them, in order to prevent flowers from dying and enable them to shine in full radiant beauty. Watering and feeding flowers by means of fertilisers should be done in the necessary extents, because insufficient water and overfeeding with excessive fertilisers are the main culprits for problems with flowers which cause them to wither and die. The problems which lead to lack of health and withering of flowers comprise the following major mistakes.

First of all, when flowers are planted too early, they get a shock because they are too tender to withstand the early spring cold, so they cannot recover and deteriorate in condition. To avoid this mistake, people should find out the average date of the last frost before the warm season sets in.

The second major mistake is wrong amount of watering. Different flowers have different needs of water, and not conforming to the specific needs, overwatering or insufficient watering, an do great harm. There are moisture lovers which simply delight in large amounts of water, and there are flowers which detest wet soil. To be successful in flower growing, people should plant flowers which have similar needs for water in the vicinity of each other.

The place where flowers are planted is also of specific importance. It should be exposed to the right amount of sun that the specific flower type enjoys. There are flowers which need full sun in order to obtain enough energy, otherwise they become weak and susceptible to diseases. There are also shade loving flowers which thrive in less sunlight, and excessive exposure to the sun can lead to their scorching.

In order to get success with the growing of their flowers, people should preferably choose flowers which are known to thrive in their area and climate. Flowers which are typical for warmer climates, for example, may not thrive in colder areas, and they can disappoint gardeners by withering, despite the lots of care lavished on them.
Taking care when working with flowers, being gentle when pulling stems, etc., is another must, because otherwise people can damage the stems of flowers which lead to injuries and hazards of inviting fungi or insects, or some other pests which will cause flowers to die.

The above rules the non observance of which can easily lead to the withering and death of beautiful flowers are simple and easy to use. With patience and care people can grow flowers successfully and enjoy their beauty in their gardens or pots. Word of mouth and word of finger information are great sources of information which can be exchanged by people who have experience in flower growing and in taking good care to preserve flower health and long life.

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