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How To Give Flowers – A Guide For Men

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Getting flowers is one of the most loving and caring moments in a woman’s life. No matter if the flowers come from a boyfriend or a husband, fro her birthday or without any special occasion through the act of giving flowers a man can express his love and gratitude towards his beloved woman. However, many men still think that giving flowers is old-fashioned and quite unnecessary. In most of the cases the main reason for this is the fact that many men actually feel unsecure when it comes to buying flowers. They are afraid that they do not have the necessary knowledge on when they should buy flowers, what flowers they are supposed to buy and last but not least – how they should give them to their beloved woman. The following tips are aiming at helping men get more self confidence when it come to buying flowers in order to make the perfect choice no matter the occasion. Which takes us to the first rule:

1.    Do not wait for a special occasion! Women are used to getting flowers only on their birthdays, on St. Valentine’s Day and on the International Women’s Day. That is why you can easily surprise your spouse if you simply buy her flowers without any special reason. Giving flowers simply to show that you love your beloved woman and think of her is one of the most romantic gestures a man can do for his spouse.

2.    Do not think that men should buy flowers only for their girlfriends or wives. Your mothers, sisters or even female friends will also appreciate your kindness.

3.    Do not go for ordinary flowers. Yes, roses are considered one of the most beautiful flowers but you can try something new. For example you can look for seasonal flowers that can be tied together in a beautiful colourful bouquet or you can simply go for unusual colours of the roses. Avoid the traditional red colour, roses in soft pink or gentle cream colours can also be a very pleasant surprise. However, it is good to avoid flowers in yellow as in many countries they are associated with breaking up.

4.    Do not think that giving flowers to a woman will make her think you are trying to start a relationship with her. Women can distinguish very well when you are giving flowers to them to express your feelings and when to simply show gratitude.

5.    If you know the lady’s favourite colour, this means that half of your work is basically done. Simply buy flowers in this colour and you can be sure she will tremendously enjoy them.

6.    Do not simply buy a bouquet attach a card to it where you can write down what is the occasion, why are you giving the flowers or simply to say “Thank you” or “I love you”.

7.    Remember, do not give red roses to a woman unless it is the woman you are in love with and you want to express your feelings. In almost all countries around the world, red roses mean passion that is why do not buy them if they are meant for a colleague or simply a friend of yours as you might be mistakenly understood.

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