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How to Decorate Your Home with Flowers

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Flowers are a great way to jazz up your home, often widely available in stores on special offer or at discounted prices making them an inexpensive way of decorating your home. Flowers not only brighten up the décor of your living space, they can also help to lift and brighten your home, bringing a sense of nature inside, with bright and fragrant petals filling your home.

Often though, bouquets of flowers can get boring and start to blend in to the living space, especially if they sit in the same vase and in the same spot all the time. We’ve included some great tips to get the most out of flowers to truly have a uniquely designed and decorated home, try these to incorporate a floral feel into your home or to spruce up tired, old furniture with a fantastic flowery scene.

Jazz up the vase
Your bouquet might be brilliant, but your vase might be letting it down, instead of forking out large amounts on expensive vases, there are plenty of ways to jazz up those you already have at home. For a few statement flowers, why not try them in a wine glass, or spray a thin, plastic vase into any colour you wish for the perfect flower display.

To liven up a large vase you can add glitter or jewels to the water or glass, add bright feathers to dark vases or complete large, plain vases with a decorative bow.

Let large plants grow free
To completely transform a big space, large indoor plants can create a natural and ambient living space. It can often be extremely tempting to scale back large plants, but let nature roam free and bring the outdoors in. Structure wild growing plants with rods and frames, and enable them to grow in the direction or form that best suits your home.

For spaces filled with large plants, small flowers look great, and a few, small petals can brighten up large-leaved plants and brighten up a room.

Dried flowers
Dried flowers can be used to decorate a room, but there’s plenty of ways to incorporate dried flowers into the design scheme of your home. Fill decorative bowls with dried leaves and petals for a fresh feel, or why not take some interesting dried petals and display in a frame to compliment walls.

Dried flowers don’t need to sit in a vase, so why not get creative with how you choose to display fake flowers; use them to decorate the dinner table or to compliment ornaments.

Petal displays
And it’s not just dried flowers that look great throughout your home; dried petals can also look fantastic in a whole host of displays. Try them in frames, or scattered around ornaments and photo frames to add a burst of colour across those treasured memories. Create a scented pot in the bathroom using dried petals and essential oils for a personalised air freshener. They can be scattered across the dinner table as decoration or of course, sprinkled into the bath for a sumptuous soak.

Indoor terrace
For those that have lots of space an indoor terrace can be a fantastic way to fill your house with flowers as well as acting as a separation of space. Terraces don’t have to be big and you can even make your own, perhaps as an addition to a shelf of photo frames or as a feature in a conservatory.

If you are able to buy one from a garden store, great, if the ones that are available are just a touch too big, it’s not hard to re-create your own with wood or plastic, and for smaller terraces, feel free to use plastic and dried flowers to get the most out of your indoor terrace.

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