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Be Enchanted by Our Handmade Flower Bouquets

Hand-tied bouquets are usually used at weddings by the bride or the bridesmaids. Such a bouquet is traditional when getting married. By old custom, the one that the bride carries serves as a gift for the lady who catches it when it's thrown. So, the role of the bride's flower bouquet in a wedding is significant. Don't underestimate the magical power of a wedding bouquet. It can deliver the message of fate. And thanks to Send Flowers, handmade bouquets can be made to look magnificent and to match the dress and the background decoration of a wedding.

Before choosing the right bridal bouquet, you should have a common idea on what kinds of handmade bouquets we offer and how they look like. That's why here we'll try to give you some descriptive information the wedding flower arrangements that we make, as well as pictures of our work. This should help you choose the perfect wedding flowers, and we do it for your convenience. We can proudly say that our skillful florists are crafty enough to put together the perfect hand-tied bouquets for you.

Let's start with one of the small bouquet first – it's the posy. Being small makes it easy to fit in the bride's hand. Such a bouquet is usually tied with a wire first in order for the flowers to stay in place and then with a ribbon to cover the wire and to look more aesthetic. The stems are either cut short or replaced with a florist wire. The reason for this is the convenience of the bride when she's carrying it. Thus the bouquet is easier to hold because nothing is sticking out to bother her. This type of handmade bouquet doesn't contain a lot of greenery although having some is not excluded. Another small one is the nosegay, which consists of both flowers and greenery. It comes as a more formal bouquet compared to the regular ones that are not intended for such a festive event. Since they are smaller, they are usually carried by the bridesmaids. The interesting thing about the Biedermeier bouquet is that it's made of different types of flowers that are ordered in circles coordinated by type of flower or colour. Then, there's the cascade bouquet, also called a shower bouquet. It's a large and round one meant for a formal occasion. The difference with it is that it's much longer on the one side. The shorter version of this bouquet is called a teardrop bouquet. Another type of hand-tied bouquet is the clutch one where the stems are deliberately left longer. There's one type of flower and greenery bouquet which is longer all the way around. This is the crescent bouquet. So, these are the basic types of handmade bouquets that we arrange.

Send Flowers can also make you the perfect customized hand-tied wedding bouquet which suits your taste at the most. A wedding is a unique event, and the bride deserves an extraordinary bouquet that's made specially for her. And since there will be many photos of the bride and the wedding bouquet, it should be a natural extension of her entire look. And that's what our florist aspire to achieve when putting their devotion into every single flower arrangement they make.

We are waiting for your call on . If you want to be part of the beauty we create and to taste of our flower enchantment, ring us up whenever you're ready with your decision. We don't have to mention that you'll get your flowers in perfect condition and ready for the big photo shoot.

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