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Guide to Orchids

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Orchids are flowers whose popularity has been increasing in recent years and today they are extremely trendy. What is different about orchids is that they are unlike any other flower. Their exotic look, elegance and daring petals can make anyone fall in love with a bouquet of them or a potted one. Orchids simply seduce the beholder and captivate all the senses.

The Flower
The legend of the flower says that it is the reincarnated Orchis, who was the son of a satyr and a nymph. The combination of these two contradictory symbols (delicacy and brutality) gave birth to Orthis, who was eventually killed by the god of wine’s servants and revived into one of the most beautiful flowers on earth. This legend has been preserved for millennia. Therefore, it can be said that orchids tell a certain story: the endless struggle between the opposing natures in the world and in men: strength and weakness, passion and chastity, destruction and revival, deceit and hope. Orchids can be found in plenty of species, shapes, colours and patterns. They blend in any kind of environment and inevitably bring beauty. Orchids are known as tropical or exotic flowers, but nowadays they can be found literally anywhere in the world. Orchids are easy to grow and they don’t need as much care and attention as other flowers. Despite that, they grow to be exquisitely beautiful and catch everyone’s attention. Used for a variety of events, an orchid can never be the wrong flower. Everywhere from homes to offices, from graduations to wedding receptions, from anniversaries to birthdays, from cocktail parties to formal meetings, the Orchid is a preferred flower. It brings a strong statement – beauty, wealth and originality. Someone who has the money and the eye for aesthetics would always choose the Orchid above all other flowers.

Tips for a Garden of Orchids
No other flower can make a garden seem as heavenly as an Orchid can. However, growing them outdoors will require more care and effort. Keep in mind that planting and growing depends on the type of Orchid you have chosen. Each type is unique and individual, so do not overcrowd the garden, as visually it won’t look as good as you imagine.

•    Prepare a plan of how you want the garden to look: where do you want the flowers, the greenery, bushes, little stones and decorative elements. Orchids need to be singularized so this draft will help you a lot.

•    Not all types of soil and climates are favored by orchids. Usually they are sensitive to cold winters and sea areas. In winter, orchids should be covered or kept indoors.
•    Orchids strongly depend on how you water them, as well as on the humidity of the air. Overwatering them is a big mistake, so make sure you know what each type requires precisely.

•    If you can avoid, or use minimal chemical aids, that will bring better results. Check the orchids regularly for pests and diseases.
If you want to grow orchids at home the necessary things are warmth, sunlight and water. You can find orchids in most flower shops, as well as online and taking care of them is not hard. When you grow them indoors, it’s best to keep them either in a glass pot or in one which allows light, as even the roots will need some. Don’t water them too much – you can do it from the top, making sure that the pot has holes which allow the excess water to drain off. If you decide to use a fertilizer, feed the orchid immediately after you’ve watered it.

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