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Flowers: There’s Nothing Better than the Real Thing

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In a constantly expanding market of fake flowers and artificial flower alternatives it seems that there are lots of reasons to do away with flowers completely, as gifts or decorations, but this would be wrong on a great many levels and here are some of the more traditional pro-flower arguments.

Nature: As modern humans, we are not designed to really live outside; we’re as domesticated as it comes.  Therefore, a real plant inside is a great opportunity to bring a little of the outside in.  There’s a sort of light that comes from a real plant that fake ones just can’t offer and it’s fair to say that keeping in touch with a real part of nature is very important when technology and the everyday business of life is constantly keeping us from admiring the little things.

Science: Photosynthesis means that plants naturally take in the carbon dioxide in the air, and generally in our exhalations, and transform it into oxygen.  We need oxygen to breathe in and pollution means that pure oxygen in the air is getting just a little bit harder to come by.  Therefore, having a real plant in the room means that we are actually making the air in that room just a bit more oxygenated and therefore cleaner to breathe.  It is for our own health that we have plants around us so keeping one in the house is a no brainer.

Sense: Real flowers smell, fake flowers don’t.  Of course it isn’t always that simple, flower scent can be sprayed on fake flowers but it had to come from flowers in the first place to be bottled as a scent.  It’s a natural, habitual thing, that when you come across a new bunch of flowers, or you are given flowers as a gift, you give them a quick whiff and fill your nostrils with that natural flowery smell.  How disappointing must it be to come away with no scent at all, except perhaps a faintly synthetic processed smell?

Respect for Life: Flowers are alive.  Looking after them, for their short existence, can be fulfilling and can help you to have respect for other things that are alive.  It might seem like it is perhaps a step too far and you may laugh but think about it.  How fulfilling is it to water and tend to a closed tulip and then wake up to find it has opened up, or better still see it open and know that it would never have happened if it wasn’t for you? You are the reason that flower has been able to complete its life cycle.

You can’t get Bored: Domesticated flowers have a short shelf life, this is just a fact.  However, this definitely has its positives.  With a flower that is so determined to die after a week, you can really savour each day of having the vase perched on your windowsill without taking them for granted and forgetting that they’re there as you may do with fake flowers.  The short life of the flower also means that the novelty has barely worn off when they have to be recycled.  Therefore, the novelty of them as a gift is strong.  They are definitely alive when the sentiment which was given with them is still strong.

Just a few reasons to keep the love of real flowers alive.  Give them a try.

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