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Flowers That Are Good For Eating

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Nowadays, kitchen is getting ever more special and grows in its variety and extravagancy. Putting some aroma flowers in the salad or in a cake for instance is getting ever more popular these days with the quick change and evolution of kitchen trends. Flowers are put in meals either with the purprose to get eaten or merely for visual satisfaction. If you happen to be in the role of the cook, you need to be extra careful what sort of flower you use in the dish you are preparing. This article will list the flowers that are safe to be consumed.

The fact that there are flowers which we usually consume as part of our ordinary meals may surprise you but it is the absolute truth. For instance, there are some very preferred meals that are regarded as vegetables like the brocolli or the cauliflower. Even though they are quite delicious especially in combination with other meals they are not vegetables but flowers. The dangerous thing about eating flowers is that most flowers are poison for humans. You could get hospitalized or even permanently injured if you happen to swallow a poisonous flower so if you are eating flowers that were selected by an unproffesional cook you really need to be extra careful or you should avoid the meal completely. Never use flowers that come from a garden or that have been treated with special chemicals. Always use flowers that are labeled edible in the shop. If you want to be completely sure that the flower won‘t cause you any damage you need to wash it thoroughly before placing it in your meal.

Unfortunately, such flowers are very few and the flowers that you can eat and that taste wonderfully are even fewer. Entire flowers you can eat are Fruit Blossoms (otherwise known as apple, plum), Gardenia, Violet, Lilac, Carnation, Lavender, Rose, Snapdragon, Peony, Pansy and Phlox. Flowers the petal of which is the only edible part are Chrysanthemum, Cornflower, Bellis Perenis or the so called English Daisy, Safflower, Gladiolus and Sunflower. And finally the garden flowers you can eat are Tuberous Begonia, Nasturtium, Hollyhock, Fuschia and Evening Primrose.

In order to have a really tasty experience while consumng flowers you always have to combine a flower with some other dish. For instance, Plum and apple combined with some proper icecream is incredibly tasty and Hollyhocks can make any sort of salad-fruit one or vegetable one a more delicious meal. However, don‘t forget to remove the Hollyhocks‘s green parts and stamens beforehands otherwise the effect will be pretty much lost. Hollyhocks also work as a great decor especially their petals. The petals of another flower-nasturtiums are also quite lovely to look at and eat and they are some of the most preferred flowers to put in a salad nowadays. A flower that tastes great is the tuberous begonia. However, when it comes to begonia this is the only type of this floer that you can eat because all others are more or less posionous.   

You can learn more about flowers that are good for eating from various websites. The Daylilies for instance is quite famous among Chinese cooks for its wonderful taste and aroma. In China flowers are eaten fresh. However Daylilies for instance are one of many flowers that are prepared for a meal through a special formula so don‘t ever try to cook them yourselves because unless they are not healthy to eat in general.

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