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Some flowers that you take care of at your home do not require special cares. These flower types will not die in case you forget to water them in time or if the temperature in the room suddenly becomes higher. The following flower types are among the most preferred ones when you do not have the time or the skills to look after flowers that are fickle.  

1.    Acalypha – should be placed in a light place but not in direct sun light. Regularly spray its leaves with water. In winter there is no need to regularly water it. This flower can survive temperature changes up to 10 degrees Celsius and in summer it can bloom in temperatures of about 25 degrees Celsius while in winter it can survive temperatures of about 15 degrees Celsius. Make sure there is enough air humidity in the room you are keeping the flower as if there is not sufficient amount of it, the flower leaves are going to start drying.

2.    Capsicum annuum – should be regularly watered and fertilised at least twice a month. You should keep it in a light place but avoid direct sun light.

3.    Ctenanthe – you should keep it in a warm place, during the winter temperatures should be about 10 degrees Celsius and in summer they should be about 15-18 degrees Celsius. Regular watering is very important but in winter you should water the flower more rarely. Spray the leaves regularly with water in order to provide enough humidity for them. Do not place the flower in bright, direct sun light.

4.    Cordyline – in summer you should regularly water it while in winter you should wait for the upper layer of the soil to get dry. You can wash the whole plant with water under the shower to clean its leaves. If the leaves’ ends start to become brown this means that the there is not enough humidity in the air. If you notice spots on the leaves then this means that the plant does not get enough light. However, it is highly essential to avoid direct sunlight.

There are also flowers that are extremely easy to take care of. They are easily adapted to different sun light, temperatures and air humidity. These flowers are the best choice if you do not have enough time to take care of them or if you simply travel too often away from home. Here is a list of flowers you should choose if you do not spend too much time at home.

1.    Dracaena – this plant does not need to be watered too regularly in summer and in winter it should be watered very rarely. This is the plant that requires least cares of all flowers and plants that people take care of in their homes and gardens. Be careful not to place it in direct sunlight. You can place it either in sunny or in shadow spot.

2.    Kalanchoe blossfeldiana – there is no need to water it too often or to spray the leaves with water. This flower can grow either in sunny or in shadow areas.

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