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Every time we give somebody flowers we speak without words, expressing different feelings and sending out messages. There are many ways to wish someone something: with a gift, amulet or a gesture. However, for centuries flowers have remained the strongest universal expression of love, friendship, care, wishing good luck, get well and so on. If you want to wish someone good luck, saying it with words or with a text message or email is often not enough. If you want to do something more give this loved one flowers which symbolize good luck and you can add a small gift or a handmade greeting card. Give them fresh flowers which they will keep and enjoy looking for days. This is the ultimate way to show that you care and wish them well.

If you are not sure what to choose here are some suggestions for you.

A Four-Leaf Clover
This plant is universally renowned as bringing good luck. It originates from the plant white-clover, a perennial flower having white petals. The heads of the flowers are ball-shaped. Most clovers have three leaves, but one in 10,000 develops four leaves, with one of the leaves being smaller than the rest. The four-leafed clover is considered God’s representation of his grace and if one finds it, it is believed that it will bring him good fortune and luck. The belief that the four-leaf clover brings good luck is also because it is so rare, that when you find one you feel truly lucky already. A four-leafed clover can be preserved dried and it can also be put inside a lucky charm.  

Bells of Ireland
These flowers are also associated with good luck for their recipient. This plant is member of the mint family and possesses a spicy scent. The name can be misleading though, as the Bells of Ireland actually originate from Western Asia, Syria and Turkey. It is a small flower with a white colour and a mint spicy scent. It is often used in the production of flowers. It has a unique shape and it is used in centerpieces for St. Patrick’s Day. Because of the belief that it brings luck, it is put in wedding bouquets and other wedding decorations.

White Heather
There are quite a few myths and stories connected with the white heather. According to one myth the heather grows on fairies’graves. Another myth claims that it grows at places where blood was never shed. Moreover, people say that if one wears it in a battle, it protects them. The popular association of this beautiful delicate flower with good luck comes from the Victorian Era. That’s when people chose the heather for good luck, as well as for medical purposes. The myths that surround the white heather, along with its scarcity could be the biggest reasons for the association with good luck.

White Carnation
Carnation is one of the oldest grown flowers and it is quite popular in bouquets nowadays. It is an affordable flower which comes in a variety of colours. Choose white carnation to wish someone good luck. This shade has a long history of bringing good luck to women. It is also a popular flower for Mother’s Day.
Giving a flower which symbolizes good luck doesn’t bring that many options, but these above-mentioned flowers have the history and the symbolism which will make the recipient appreciate your gesture even more.

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