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5 Tips For Buying Valentine’s Day Flowers

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Popular Flowers to Give on Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is the date people get to publicly declare their love for that special someone. Flower bouquets will be making their way to millions of people all over the world as couples show their appreciation for one another and secret admirers take this opportunity to send a flower arrangement to their secret crush. Yet what if you are one of the many people that has never had flowers delivered to a loved one before and is at a loss as to what flowers to choose at the florist for the very first time? Avoid the panic and read our 5 top tips for buying Valentine’s Day flowers to make sure the one you love gets flowers they will adore.

flowers by post1. Choose flower arrangements to suit their personality

You may believe that Valentine’s Day is all about red roses, and even though that could be true for some people, it is not necessarily right for everyone. When you truly care for someone, you want to find out everything about them, and discovering their favourite flower is just one of the ways you can woo them. If you aren’t sure what their favourite bloom may be, select flowers that reflect their personality. Sunflowers are great for those with a cheerful fun-loving outlook on life and also look very impressive when presented in a big bouquet. Orchids are perfect for elegant types, whereas daisies are ideal for a partner who likes to be a little bit different but is also the timid type. When your crush is a pure romantic, you can’t go wrong with a bouquet of rich red roses.

2. Stay within your budget

It can be tempting to go all out on a big gesture on Valentine’s Day, but there is absolutely no point in buying flowers you can’t afford. Shop at an affordable florist with low-cost delivery options and choose a beautiful bouquet that is well within your budget. Even the smallest bouquet of flowers will be appreciated by someone who deserves your affections, and there is no point setting expectations that you are unable to match in the future.

cheap roses valentine's day3. Buy flowers even if your partner says they don’t want a fuss

When you have been together for many years, it can be too easy to take each other for granted. Surprise your loved one with an unexpected bouquet of their favourite flowers and remind them just how much you care. Even if your other half has declared that Valentine’s Day is just another day, a spontaneous gesture such as the gifting of flowers is certain to make their day.

4. Choose the quickest delivery service

Once cut, flowers can expire quickly, and so it is wise to choose same day or next day flower delivery. Select a flower store that is known for delivering quality flower bouquet on time, and that offers competitive pricing on their delivery options. Flowers that are delivered on the same day are more likely to last longer when cared for appropriately and will delight your partner for several days rather than just on Valentine’s Day.

5. Don’t forget your pets!

We are not suggesting you buy flowers for the animal in your life, but it is wise to check that the flowers you have chosen are suitable for a pet owner's home. Some flowers can be toxic to animals and so if your loved one has cats, dogs or any other type of pet, check that the flower bouquet you want to send will not make the animals ill. This information should be available at the flower store, or you can search online to discover pet-friendly blooms.

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