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Daisies and Their Uses

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Native to Central and Northern Europe, daisies are one of the most loved flowers, cherished for their lively colours and simplicity. The origin of their name is Latin (Bellis parennis, meaning "pretty", and "everlasting"). Also, the name "daisy" is viewed as a version of "day's eye", for the flower closes its petals at night and opens them in daylight. Daisies have a rich history, and were even grown by the Egyptians in their ancient temples. Daisies were used for medical purposes. It’s great to adorn your home with a bouquet of fresh daisies. The flowers are also a symbol of innocence and they can be put in children’s rooms. Daisies have a number of uses; the young leaves are edible, either raw or cooked, as well as the flowers. Furthermore, daisies are used for making tea, which is known to boost human metabolism and increase the appetite. It is know that Roman surgeons soaked bandages in the juice of daisies. Nowadays, daisies’ juice is used in homeopathic and herbal medicine.  

As was already mentioned, daisies are one of those flowers which have a few positive meanings. To be precise, daisies symbolize only good things. They stand for perfect purity and freedom from sin. Another popular meaning is eternal love. One can always declare their love by giving a bouquet of fresh daisies. However, daisies also symbolize secrets. If you give somebody a single daisy flower it’s like transferring them a secret. If you wrap a daisy in paper or another material, it represents truth, especially the truth that is hidden.

Whichever meaning you attach to the daisies, you can’t be offended by receiving a bouquet of daisies. They are simply harmless, beautiful and positive flowers which brighten up your day. According to Roman legend the daisy emerged after the nympth Belides caught the attention of the God of orchards, Vertumus. As she didn’t want his attention, she turned herself into a daisy to escape him. This fairytale legend adds ever more mystery to the flower. One of the most popular beliefs surrounding the daisy is the thought that the flower can predict whether the one you love loves you back. In Victorian times young girls began plucking the petals of daisies saying "He loves me, he loves me not" for each petal. The last petal was thought to predict which phrase was true. This little game was a fun thing for girls, as they would never accept the “wrong” answer and kept plucking daisy after daisy, until they received what they wanted. This tradition still remains in present days.

Daisies are perennial flowers with evergreen leaves. There are many varieties of Daisies, some of which include: African Daisy, Blue Daisy, Gerbera Daisy and other daisy-like flowers. The African and Shasta Daisies are the most popular ones, available everywhere and sought for bouquets and arrangements regularly. Daisies have quite a big range of use: healing, cooking, and decoration. Representing innocence, children and truth, daisies are perfect for all sorts of flower arrangements. They make perfect decorations for homes and can be grown very easily. You can grow daisies from seeds and as long as they get plenty of sunlight and water, you can enjoy their beauty in your garden or backyard. A bouquet of daisies is a great gift for your loved one and a true expression of eternal love and affection.

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