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Colour Meaning Of Funeral Flowers

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Funeral Flower TributesPicking the right flower to express your emotions is quite tasking especially when you’re not sure the right way to show your sympathy or feeling of grief. Whether you want to send flowers or lay them on your loved one’s grave, you’ll need to pass across the right message. For this, you’ll require extensive knowledge of the different colours as used in the various traditions around us. It doesn’t mean that you’re out of options, no you’re not, this is to say that professional florists have got you covered and you need not worry.

Below is a compilation of some of the different colour meaning of funeral flowers.

• White funeral flowers

They are believed to symbolize innocence, purity, elegance, honour, and modesty; making them ideal for men, women, and children. They can be both masculine and feminine.

• Yellow funeral flowers

Yellow is a cheerful colour; it adds a touch of brightness as it appears almost similar to the sun’s rays. It makes people think of gay and happy things help alleviate a sombre mood and evokes light-heartedness. In some traditions, they portray a different meaning and symbolize new beginnings and friendships.

• Pink funeral flowers

For people with soft personalities, it would be amazing to get them pink funeral flowers. An all pink arrangement is a respectful choice for women and children. As a less intense version of red, it’s a sophisticated way to offer warmth and comfort to the bereft family.

• Red funeral flowers

It is a power colour whose shades vary ranging from crimson to tomato red. Red funeral flowers represent love, courage, beauty, and strength. If you’re a close family, friend or spouse, you can send or use them to express your love for the person who has passed away.

• Red and white

AFuneral Wreaths Delivered combination of white and red flowers translates honour and strength and is very popular. They are perfect when paying tribute as they display caring kindness impressively.

• Blue

It conveys serenity and openness. Have flowers delivered to your family and friends to help them relax and release stress. It is a sad colour but can also portray peace, tranquillity, and openness as well as calm anxiety.

• White and blue

When you mix white with blue, it makes the arrangement appropriate to pass on your condolences, especially for men.

• Green funeral flowers

It’s a soothing colour that represents renewal, resilience, youth, good fortune and health.

• Orange

It is a bold colour that symbolizes excitement, warmth, exuberance, enthusiasm, and energy. From Vermilion to ginger, they are perfect for celebrating the life of someone who was content, passionate and courageous.

• Purple

As a royal colour, it links to pride and success. It is appropriate for celebrating the life of a deceased as it symbolizes respect, admiration, and accomplishment

Funeral Cross• Pink and white

It is a soft and gentle combination that lights up the room with sympathy and respect for the deceased. Just as the pink, it is also perfect for women.

• Purple and pink

They balance each other perfectly thus bringing out respect for the dead appropriately.

• Lavender

Lavender flowers are perfect in expressing femininity, preciousness, youth, and grace. They are a cross of youthful pink and royal purple.

Professional florists strive to mix your flowers for funerals to meet your needs whether to comfort those left behind or celebrate the life of the deceased. They are experts at putting together funeral posies, funeral sprays, funeral baskets, funeral tributes, and funeral wreaths.

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