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Choosing the Right Flower for the Right Occasion

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Flowers, like paintings, speak a thousand words, and as there are almost as many occasions and events out there which warrant such a gift, it can be difficult to choose the right flower for the right occasion.

For centuries, people have been exchanging flowers for many different reasons. Whether it be a celebratory occasion, such as a wedding, or a more solemn occasion like a funeral, flowers can be not only highly symbolic, but extremely important, and these symbols can vary from event to event.

When words don't feel sufficient, you can creatively inspire words through the beauty of flowers. But, choosing the wrong flower for the occasion can result in you conveying the wrong message.

There are flowers which are determined for each occasion, and even within these occasions, the chosen flower can vary. For example:

•    When it comes to birthdays, the gift of a rose is the symbol for those born in the merry month of June.
•    Pink carnations for Mother's Day express feelings of love and gratitude.
•    Roses, asters and irises are perfect for an anniversary. But be mindful, for there are flowers which represent the number of years married. For example, a lily is ideal for the big 30.
•    If it's a hot date, orchids and tulips are perfect for the occasion and can really steal one's heart from the start.
•    Lilies and chrysanthemums are the perfect flowers for a funeral.
•    If you want to send get well flowers choose tulips or irises.

Remember, it is important as it was centuries ago as it is now not to get your floral symbols wrong, for the wrong flower sends the wrong message.

Flowers are ultimately a beautiful gift which allows people to beautifully design and portray one's thoughts. When an occasion arises, your sincerest thoughts can linger longer than words in the form and fragrance of flowers, so it's important to choose the right flower for the right occasion.

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