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Buying Romantic Flowers – The Ultimate Guide

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Giving flowers to somebody is one of the most romantic gestures and the ultimate gift of love. Flowers are beautiful, gentle and have a strong symbolism. If chosen well, flowers can speak louder than words and this can’t be said about every present. Moreover, flowers are chosen with consideration of the receiver which shows that we’ve been thinking about them while choosing the blooms. There is nothing more special than expressing love and affection through flowers.

The magic of flowers is simply undeniable – they can brighten everyone’s day and bring a smile to the face of your beloved. With flowers there is no need to talk – they will talk loud enough. What’s great about giving romantic flowers is the fact that they are perfect for all occasions and without any occasion at all. It’s a romantic and spontaneous way to show your love, without asking anything in return. It might look a bit old-fashioned, but there isn’t a single woman who wouldn’t be thrilled to receive flowers. It’s the ultimate symbol of love and if you send the flowers to her work place you can be sure that she will feel even extra special.

Giving romantic flowers doesn’t require that much thought, but the gesture goes a long way. It’s an inexpensive way to surprise your significant other and if you know their favourite flower, it’s easy to choose the perfect bouquet. There are plenty of options these days and you can literally be spoiled for choice when browsing an online flower delivery store or when you go to an actual flower store. Plants, flower baskets, bouquets, single cuts, floral gifts, various arrangements including chocolate and anything else you can think of, which is not even displayed, but can be custom made especially for you. A good florist will instantly tell you which are the top bought romantic flowers (not only in their shop, but in the whole world) – roses, lilies, tulips, carnations and daisies.

Of course there are occasions when flowers are an absolute must, so make sure you have these in your calendar and you are ready to order flowers with same day delivery. These occasions are: birthday, wedding anniversary, first date/beginning of relationship anniversary (most women remember that), Mother’s Day, Valentine’s

Day, etc. Women can be given flowers without any occasion at all – just because you want to show your love and appreciation.

The best combination is flowers and chocolate – it’s something every woman craves and the ultimate romantic gift.
Pick your woman’s favourite flower or a combination of flowers you know she likes. Pick the dominant colour (her favourite colour) and then focus on the wrapping paper and the ribbon. The little details count too and the woman will surely appreciate a well-arranged bouquet.

There are flowers which are generally more romantic than others and have a specific symbolism which can guide you in your choice. Let’s look at the most popular ones and what they represent:

10. Iris – Represents hope and faith
9. Sunflower – Simple, yet pretty, it’s a symbol of loyalty and perfect for your wife.
8. Wildflower – Represent complete adoration towards the receiver.
7. Lilac – It asks the question “Do you still love me?”
6. Carnation – The ultimate symbol of fascination.
5. Orchid – One of the most beautiful and exotic flowers in the world, represents seduction and refinement.
4. Lily – Symbolizes beauty.
3. Tulip – The symbol of perfect love.
2. Daisy – Signifies purity, innocence and loyalty.
1. Rose – Simply says “I love you” in the best possible way.

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