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Business Flower Etiquette - Tips on Sending Business Flowers

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How to Gift Flowers Appropriately

Manners are important in all aspects of life, and especially when dealing with business associates, customers, and clients. With businesses including people from all manner of cultures and backgrounds, it is important to get business flower etiquette right. Whether this is sending flowers as a gift of gratitude or congratulating a colleague on a job well done. Learn important pointers about what kind of flowers to send and how to gift them appropriately.


Flowers after a deal has been closed

This is a time for celebration, and your chosen arrangement should reflect this. Have flowers delivered as quickly as possible, perhaps by same-day delivery or next day delivery to show how excited you are for this next leg of the venture. Choose a florist you know you can trust to deliver a beautiful bouquet on time and to the correct location. Select a large bouquet and if there are several people involved in the business deal or venture, ensure you send bouquets to each of them too.

When things go wrong

It is inevitable that sometimes things go wrong, be it because of human error or miscommunication. In some instances, a simple email will not suffice, and reparations need to be carried out so that the people or company you wish to continue doing business with will overlook the mistake and move on. Whatever the reason for the mistake, it is imperative that you show true remorse and a bouquet of flowers is the perfect gesture. Arrange for your florist to send flowers as quickly as possible to the injured party and accompany the blooms with a short but apologetic note.

Flowers for your staff

When you are the owner of a company, be it large or small, you need to show your staff just how much they are valued. If you employ many people, you will still want to stick to a budget, so rather than ordering bouquets or arrangements from high street florists, consider sending flowers by post from a reputable online flower shop. By choosing to send flowers via the mail, you can also avoid disruption at work of a huge gift-giving ceremony and have the flowers delivered to your employees’ home addresses. This is also a fantastic idea for when you send them bouquets as Christmas presents or to celebrate any other holiday. An added thoughtful touch is - do a little research to discover which flowers your employees like the most.

send-online-flowersFlower delivery to customers

Making a customer feel valued is a sure-fire way to ensure they continue to use your business. Show them how much you appreciate their custom by sending flowers for birthdays, or if they have made a particularly significant purchase from your company. Your customers will truly enjoy receiving a magnificent bouquet and they will appreciate the thoughtful gesture. Accompany the blooms with a note expressing how much you appreciate you value them as a customer and perhaps with a voucher or other small gift associated with your business if possible.

Be aware of floral meanings

In certain cultures, flowers can have specific meanings and it is, therefore, careful that you are aware of this before you send a bouquet. For example, in China, cherry blossoms are seen as a very feminine flower and in Japan they signify gentleness and kindness. Roses can be seen as overtly romantic so try not to send a bouquet of just roses to wither business associates or customers. A mixed spray containing some roses and various other flowers will be appropriate or choose blooms whose meanings cannot be misinterpreted.

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