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Blooming Birthdays: Flower Decorations for Parties and Events

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Flowers are an excellent way of decorating your party or event.  Flowers are so versatile, and the materials florists now use to make designs using flowers are vast ranging and multi-purpose, so that professionals can pretty much anything and are more willing to try something new.  Using similar flowers and arrangements throughout your decorations will help to tie them all together creating one spectacular display along with individual stunning arrangements. Furthermore, flowers are ideal presents for guests at the end of the party or event, you can invite your guests to take some of the flowers home with them, women especially will appreciate this.
Here are some ideas on how flowers can be used as decorations for parties or events:
•    Flower Arrangements: most commonly used and most simple are flower arrangements.  You could do these yourself using vases or bowls and a trip to a good florist. Scattering bunches of flower arrangements around the venue will brighten things up, and will look especially nice for a summer party or event, when everybody wants to be outside.  Furthermore, these arrangements will fragrance the air throughout the venue.

•    Flower Arches: Especially beautiful for outside parties, events and weddings, flower arches are a spectacular display.  They prove the wow factor for your guests entrance, or that romantic scene when the bride and groom have their first kiss underneath it. As a variety of flowers can be used, these can be designed to match any colour scheme.  It is advisable to get a professional to create a flower arch for you as they are quite big in size and a professional will have all the necessary equipment and experience.  

•    Hanging Flower Balls: Available in a variety of different sizes and colours, and even shapes, these balls hang, typically from the ceiling.  When decorating a venue, everybody considers the tables and the walls, however, most people forget about, or think it’s going to be too difficult to decorate the ceiling.  Adding ‘hanging flower ball’ decorations to your venue is the finishing touch to making the venue look truly spectacular. And again, these can be taken down at the end of the night and given to guests.

•    Unique flower arrangements:  Flowers can be designed to look like anything, from footballs to guitars, to ponies, even a bridal couple can be captured in a good flower arrangement.  To add a personalised touch to a birthday party, christening, wedding etc, consider finding someone who has experience and a professional portfolio, to incorporate your ideas into your event.

•    Potted flowers/bushes/trees: For a simple, and elegant feel, try putting a few potted plants/bushes/trees on the floors, in corners and on surfaces around the venue. Choose pots that match your colour scheme and theme to the event, and consider covering soil with decorative pebbles or stones.  You could make these yourself, alternatively a number of professionals can either make these for you, or rent some to you for you to use and return after your event.

•    Centre Pieces: Ideal for dinner tables or surfaces around the venue, centrepiece can be made in a variety of ways and using a range of materials so that there will something to match the tone of your event.  These can be made yourself by getting some vases and arranging some flowers and decorative pebbles inside, using floating flowers, or submerging the flowers into the water and pebbles and using floating candles  Instead of using water bury stems in sand inside the vase, use a variety of sands in different colour to match your theme.  You can make these yourself, alternatively there a many companies available to make or rent some to you.

•    Loose petals: to sprinkle on any table’s or surfaces, and paths and walkways.

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